Fashion For All

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on April 5, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Zac Posen is the latest designer to collaborate with Target Go International and spread high-end fashion to the masses! His latest collection for Target debuts April 25th nationwide. If you’re like me, and simply cannot wait that long, you can sneak a peek at the lookbook –come late April you’ll be ready to shop!

The Zac Posen Collection for Target is reasonably priced starting at $16.99 with the most expensive piece being a red leather jacket for $199.00 (But totally worth it). The overall collection is very ’90s chic intertwined with Posen’s signature floral flocks.

With summer just around the corner it’s only right the collection have a few swimsuits (that are to die for). Check out the glamorous one-piece suits— they remind me of ’60s pin-up bombshells with a modern twist.

It’s so refreshing to see the collaborations between Target Go International and the various esteemed, high-end designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and now Zac Posen, among many others.  With the economy having an impact on all aspects of the world, it’s refreshing to see the fashion industry catering to the times by bringing high fashion to all “frugalistas” nationwide.

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