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Male’s Only Club…Female’s Always Welcomed

In Designers, Fashion on May 20, 2010 at 2:41 pm

When it comes to Wall Street, men in suits is the first thing that often comes to mind. When it comes to fashion, ugh… not so much. Yes, very stereotypical of us to treat men as second-class citizens just because they’re ‘simple’ shoppers. That’s why I am excited to inform you that Coach will be catering to men. The first Coach men’s store has opened at 370 Bleecker Street in Manhattan, also known  as the village.

The new mens’ platform incorporates many Coach signature elements tweaked in a masculine way. They offer merchandise like the business messenger bag, what I like to call the man-bag, premium leather belts along with the trendy avant-grade boat shoes. The ambiance of this store is also very masculine. Its decor consists of dark mahogany, dark brown shelves and industrial ceilings. I’m calling it Abercrombie meets Marc Jacobs. The casual feel of Abercrombie with the quality and price point like something you would find from a Marc Jacobs’ collection.

In the world of fashion, looking for a new niche-market is always on every marketing-gurus agenda. Finding a way to bring attention to a less acknowledged shopper, like men, is something this economy needs. Coach plans to expand within the U.S. and eventually globally. I sure wouldn’t mind seeing more men’s specialty stores. Prada Men’s??? We’ll have to wait and see.

Reinventing Kate Spade with Retro-Glam

In Designers on August 6, 2009 at 2:45 am

In July 2009 the classic Kate Spade New York got a makeover with a hip and prettier “retro-glam” look.

Fashion designer Kate Spade is famous for her stylish boxy purses that once made women drool.

boxy purse

Creative Director, Deborah Lloyd, is not erasing the memorable IT bag at all from the new collection. In fact, those boxy purses and 1960s era in London made a big impact with inspiring the new collection.

The new collection for Kate Spade contains unique throwback shapes and retro-glam prints. The unveiling of the debut clothing collection will be August 11, 2009.

Influenced by a mix of current New York City nightlife and classic London in the 1960s makes this amazing collection fabulous. The collection is a perfect fit for any girlie girl to dance the night away or enjoy a cocktail party with her friends.

kate spade dress

kate spade purse


Deborah Lloyd was striving to give a worldly feel to each look while inspiring global thinking, yet dressing locally.

“I wanted to inspire grand ideas: a cocktail dress that sparks a party, a coat that causes a trip to the opera – clothes that create moments of glamour.” –Deborah Lloyd, Creative Director, Kate Spade

the-only-kate-spade-store-in-nyc Fashion Designer Kate Spade has been a growing success ever since the opening of her first store in Soho New York City in 1996. Two years later stores were opened in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Long Island. As the years went on so did the opening of more stores around the world allowing fashionable women everywhere to have her trendy accessories.

Kate Spade New York continues growing and providing us with fashionable accessories that makes anyone drool.

What’s your opinion? Do you love the new retro-glam Kate Spade or the classic Kate Spade boxy purses?

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