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PURE Haus: Backer Benefits

In Designers on August 17, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Does the Tampa Bay fashion scene have your back? We’re asking for your help with creating the first ever fashion pop-up retail store in Tampa Bay. Becoming a founder of the PURE (Pop-up Retail Experience) Haus project is super easy and fabulous! All you have to do is choose to “Back This Project” and make a donation. Remember… every dollar counts and we appreciate your involvement. With your help, Tampa Bay’s first Fashion Designer Pop-Up Shop, will showcase garments in front of enthusiastic shoppers at a storefront location in September 2011. The shop will feature the region’s most talented fashion and accessories designers, and everything from couture dresses to swimsuits will be available for purchase.

Time is running out – we only have until Friday, August 19th to make it happen! Help bring the first pop-up shop to Tampa Bay today! Click here to make a donation.

Want to learn more on why you should get involved? Watch this message from two Tampa Bay designer favorites, Ivanka Ska and Essence Flowers!

Overall… back up the PURE Haus project for three reasons:

1. Become a part of the fashion scene in Tampa Bay

2. Help your fashion community, and

3. Make fashion history!

Plus, you get free stuff with every donation and there is no loss to you. Your pledge is only accepted if we make our goal. If we don’t, your credit card is never charged. If we do make our goal, you get a cool item for your pledge and get to shop some of Tampa Bay’s best designers! Read the information below to see what you’ll receive when you donate.

Click here to back up PURE Haus.

The PURE Haus Backer Benefits

If you have any questions, write it in the comments box below. Thank you for being a part of Tampa Bay fashion history! Before you know it, we’ll all be shopping PURE Haus and enjoying our backer benefits!

Creative Clay Showcase

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Updates on July 5, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Giving back is always in style! There is really nothing more fabulous than a generous and caring heart. Ivanka Ska, fashion designer and featured designer participant in Fashion Week Tampa Bay (2008 & 2009), has always been active in her community. For the past two years, she has been a guest artist at Creative Clay, a non-profit organization providing local artists with developmental, physical, and/or emotional disabilities an opportunity to pursue their passion for art making.

Creative Clay has a mentoring program called ArtLink, which pairs up local artists, like Ivanka, with Creative Clay member artists for a six month period. The local artist mentors, develops ongoing projects and helps their ArtLink partner create statements, resumes, a budget, the importance of networking, and community involvement. After the completion of the mentoring program, they present the final project they have been working on for six months.

The ArtLink showcase will take place at the St. Petersburg Museum of History this Saturday, July 9th at 7pm. Ivanka’s student, Galynn L. is very excited to showcase what she’s been working on. Galynn loves to draw fashion designs, play with her dogs, and spend time at Creative Clay. Ivanka said that they had so much fun together making art with their “fashion heads.”

“This is my second time working with an Artlink partner. Last year I had a great time working with Artie, who at the end of her program presented an amazing fashion show,” Ivanka says. “I’m so excited for the connections I make during my wonderful time with the Creative Clay students who have mental and physical disabilities. Seeing how art can perform miracles leaves me speechless.”

Witness what the power of making art and helping others can do this Saturday, July 9, 2011 at the Creative Clay ArtLink showcase.

Ivanka and Galynn

Galynn making art!

The Ivanka Ska Online Store

In Designers, Fashion, Trends, Updates on June 28, 2010 at 10:34 am

Honestly, who doesn’t love the convenience of online shopping? Shop while lying on the couch in the most comfortable pair of slippers, with a latte in one hand and cookies in the other…. Ah, sounds like paradise to me! If slippers simply won’t do for you, then I totally give you permission to rock your fiercest four inch heels. It’s not like you’ll be walking much anyway, so pain isn’t an issue! I’m very proud to share that designer, Ivanka Ska ( featured in Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2008 and 2009) is making “the shopping experience” our way! Tampa Bay’s first fashion house -The House of Ska expands to the World Wide Web and it’s just a click away!

Ivanka Ska’s online store provides fashionistas shopping convenience and most importantly, stylish trendy clothes, accessories and art. Ivanka Ska is a well-known Tampa Bay fashion designer whose collections have showcased on many runways including Fashion Week Tampa Bay. In addition to being known for her fashion house in St. Petersburg, FL – The House of Ska, Ivanka creates jaw-dropping fashion and unforgettable fashion and art shows. There’s no need to school you on what fashion is (especially what fashion means for us fashionistas or stylistas – like me) but like Coco Chanel brilliantly said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Ivanka Ska lives and breathes fashion, art and all creativity. She provides the Tampa Bay area with eye-catching “wearable art” because fashion is art!

I love the Ivanka Ska online store especially her breath-taking dresses! The only problem is the inconvenience of having to choose what to purchase… Some of my favorite dresses are below. Which dress takes your breath away? Oh and lastly, the Ivanka Ska virtual shopping experience is just a click away: Enjoy and feel free to write your own review below.

Tampa Bay Wine & Food Festival…With Style

In Designers, Events on May 13, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Ce sera une belle nuit! Oh yes, I feel like speaking French because it’s going to be a beautiful and elegant night this Friday! The fourth annual Tampa Bay Wine and Food festival is this weekend, May 14-15, 2010. Where else would an elegant night be held then Tampa Bay’s very own pink palace, the Don CeSar Beach Resort and Spa in St. Pete Beach.

The festive weekend has many events to keep you busy: Grand Tasting and LUSH by Loews Hotels on Friday, May 14th, plus Beam’s Beach Bash and BBQ (Brighthouse Grand Tasting and Publix Apron’s Seminar) on Saturday, May 15th.

LUSH by Loews Hotels will begin at 8pm. It will be a high-class glamorous and classy evening with wine, food, an auction, art and fashion by one of my favorite Tampa Bay designers, Ivanka Ska.

Ivanka owns the House of Ska; she is the first to bring a fashion house to the streets of downtown St. Petersburg. She has also been featured in Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2008 and 2009.

Indulge on some lovely champagne and gourmet cuisine while watching Ivanka Ska’s “De Lere” collection hit the runway. Be among beautiful fashion and people at the lovely Don CeSar Beach Resort and Spa!

The ticket proceeds benefit Heartbeat International, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save lives globally by providing cardiovascular implantable devices and treatment to the needy people of the world. The proceeds will also benefit The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association’s ProStart Program which provides industry training, scholarships and grant funding for interested culinary students.

Feel like royalty this weekend by indulging in gorgeous fashion, champagne, wines from around the world and gourmet cuisine. Bon appétit! Click here for tickets and more information!

Ivanka Ska, Tampa Bay Fashion Designer

In Designers on August 19, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Well known and respected Tampa Bay fashion designer, Ivanka Ska will showcase her newest collection at Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009 during the week of September 23-26.


Her move from Poland to New York City in 1991 is where she fell head over heels in love with fashion. During a vacation in sunny Florida, Ivanka realized the place where she’d create her successful business… St. Petersburg!

Ivanka has made a huge fashion and artistic impact to the Tampa Bay area with her clothing and by opening the first fashion house in St. Petersburg, the House of Ska. She recently launched a new business that specializes in training aspiring models for the runway in the commercial and high fashion industry, The Art of Modeling and Runway Studio.

This designer, stylist and producer has successfully proven her determination of bringing fashion to the Tampa Bay area with her designs skills and eye for stylish clothing. Ivanka has a variety of  talents that are incorporated into her “House” of Ivanka Ska-ness,  including models, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, photographers, and artists. The success from her fashion boutique was awarded in 2008 by Metro Magazine as the “Best Funky Fashion House.” A media darling, Ivanka has been published in various magazines and newspapers including Bay Life Magazine, Tampa Bay Illustrated, St. Pete Times and the Tampa Tribune. In addition, she has been featured on NBC’s Daytime (where she gives fashion advice) and Fox 13’s Lightning Round.

Fox13Lightning Round

House of Ska_Ivanka Ska


Ivanka is an active community leader, helping to launch the artist collective, Gala Corina, supporting the careers of emerging designers, and of course, participating in Fashion Week Tampa Bay, an event that highlights fashion designers while giving back to the community. “Fashion Week Tampa Bay is the most exciting and awaited event for all designers in Tampa Bay. It’s what we all have been preparing for all year. I’m so proud to be a part of our own fashion history,” says Ivanka. She has also showcased in the St. Pete Art Beat, Salvador Dali Museum’s Surreal Fashion Show, and produced her own House of Ska events.

HouseofSka3This will be Ivanka Ska’s 2nd year with Fashion Week Tampa Bay

Ivanka Ska strives to bring a creative, artistic edge to the Bay area community. Personally, I’m a huge fan and applaud fashion designer Ivanka Ska for giving the Tampa Bay area “wearable art” that’s simply love at first sight. I can’t wait to see Ivanka Ska at Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009!

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