Masterpiece or a Disaster-piece?

In Fashion, Trends on April 7, 2010 at 4:59 pm

This week’s spotlight shines on an accessory that was introduced last summer but hasn’t trickled into the mainstream until now… feathered headbands! This 20s glam has been re-awakened to spice up any attire you dare to wear. Want to add that ‘pop’ to your style? Think with your head, literally. Something simple like denim jeans and a cute top paired with a peacock headband will really portray that bold statement every girl needs. I recommend purchasing staple colors such as black, brown, and even red; yes, red is a staple color in my closet! Having these colors will not limit the outfits that can be jazzed up with this glam accessory.

Although social roles since the 1920s for women have changed and resulted in a revolution in morals and values, this hasn’t stopped in 2010. Women are still showing their worth and even express it through our clothes. The question is…would you wear this ‘flapper’ accessory? Is this a master-piece or a disaster-piece?

Vote on this trend and let us know in your comments below!

  1. Masterpiece! The headband can update a look make an otherwise bland outfit a femme style.

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