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From the Beach to the Boudoir

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From lingerie to swimwear, we all want to show a little skin.  Fashion does not end at the beach, or even the bedroom.  At Tampa Bay Fashion Week, the fabulously sexy Rhonda Shear brought plenty of excitement to the Boudoir with satin, sequins and lace.

In the area of swimwear, Essence Flowers has broken the mold in a most fabulous manner.  Featuring unique short sleeved pieces, plus size options and I must say that since the night of the show, I have been considering wearing a glittering masquerade mask to the beach.

Sometimes, the most amazing fashion comes from the least amount of fabric.

Brilliant Runways Soon To Come

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Trends on September 21, 2012 at 7:01 am

Looking for some excitement?  Never fear, for Brazilian designer Rogerio Martins is on the horizon.  Known for his unique wearable art, Rogerio brings the feminine mystique and culture of Brazil to fashion.

Martins has been showcased in several prestigious venues and was recently chosen as an Outstanding Emerging Designer of the year finalist at the Miami Beach International Fashion Week.  After a peek at some of his work, I would say this honor is well deserved.

Another brilliant talent to hit the stage will be Essence Flowers.  A native of Florida, Essence has made a name for herself with a breathtaking design aesthetic.  From professional cheerleading uniforms to magnificent art pieces which serve as inspiration for entire communities, Essence Flowers is here to bring great things to the runways of Tampa, and throughout the world.

With so many  wonderful garments to be seen, one cannot forget intimates.  Rhonda Shear, former host of USA: Up All Night, creates beautiful sleep and shapewear using only the finest materials.  Challenging  women to embrace their curves, Rhonda Shear Intimates are the perfect accessory to any style.

Are you ready for all that shimmers and shines at Tampa Bay Fashion Week?

Essence Flowers Brings Couture to TBFW 2011

In Designers, Fashion on September 22, 2011 at 4:35 am

Essence Flowers will be joining us again this year and we can’t wait to see her designs tonight! She’s no stranger to the runway or to Fashion Week Tampa Bay as we welcome her for the fourth year in a row, but just in case she’s a stranger to you (where have you been?)…Before we enjoy another wonderful Essence Flowers runway show, let’s get to know her a little more! Read below to learn some fun facts about fashion designer, Essence Flowers.

Meet Essence

Since Essence graduated from Tampa’s International Academy of Design and Technology, she has had a successful career in fashion. Her work ethic and design talent have led her to creating magnificent pieces of art. Essence wears many hats including:

Consultant in Tampa

Buyer in St. Petersburg

Pre-Fashion Week participant in New York City

Force behind an up-and-coming label in Atlanta

Swimwear and uniform designer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders for their 2010 and 2011 seasons

Signature Style

Her designs are elicit art and visual controversy with a hint of sex appeal. Best known for her gorgeous couture dresses and glamorous swimwear. Essence Flowers designs are nothing short of remarkable!

Favorite Piece

I love all of the couture dresses below, but my favorite is the royal purple dress in the middle!

Three words to describe her designs…

Remarkable, elegant and artistic

What can we expect this year from Essence?

For Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2011, Essence will take attendees on a journey back to her couture roots for her set, IMPERFECTIONS. You can totally expect high fashion couture that is breathtaking and artistic!

Looking Back

Let’s look back at her previous collections showcased at Fashion Week Tampa Bay!

We invite you to experience the couture movement that is Essence Flowers on Friday, Sept 23 at Innisbrook Resort and Spa. Be sure to get your tickets while they last! Get tickets here.

PURE Haus: Backer Benefits

In Designers on August 17, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Does the Tampa Bay fashion scene have your back? We’re asking for your help with creating the first ever fashion pop-up retail store in Tampa Bay. Becoming a founder of the PURE (Pop-up Retail Experience) Haus project is super easy and fabulous! All you have to do is choose to “Back This Project” and make a donation. Remember… every dollar counts and we appreciate your involvement. With your help, Tampa Bay’s first Fashion Designer Pop-Up Shop, will showcase garments in front of enthusiastic shoppers at a storefront location in September 2011. The shop will feature the region’s most talented fashion and accessories designers, and everything from couture dresses to swimsuits will be available for purchase.

Time is running out – we only have until Friday, August 19th to make it happen! Help bring the first pop-up shop to Tampa Bay today! Click here to make a donation.

Want to learn more on why you should get involved? Watch this message from two Tampa Bay designer favorites, Ivanka Ska and Essence Flowers!

Overall… back up the PURE Haus project for three reasons:

1. Become a part of the fashion scene in Tampa Bay

2. Help your fashion community, and

3. Make fashion history!

Plus, you get free stuff with every donation and there is no loss to you. Your pledge is only accepted if we make our goal. If we don’t, your credit card is never charged. If we do make our goal, you get a cool item for your pledge and get to shop some of Tampa Bay’s best designers! Read the information below to see what you’ll receive when you donate.

Click here to back up PURE Haus.

The PURE Haus Backer Benefits

If you have any questions, write it in the comments box below. Thank you for being a part of Tampa Bay fashion history! Before you know it, we’ll all be shopping PURE Haus and enjoying our backer benefits!

Runway Review

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Updates on October 2, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Essence Flowers

Flowers are usually associated with romance and what’s more romantic than a wedding? Well, Essence Flowers’ collection was a mix and match made in heaven. A edgy elegance made up of gorgeous feminine pieces paired with rebellious music from Marilyn Manson –“Sweet Dreams.” They have always said that opposites attract! The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders worked the runway and posed in puppet like positions at the end. In addition to wearing white bridal hats, goddess gowns and girly form-fitting pieces with a soft color palate of pink, white, camel and gray.

Kimberly Hendrix

Her Spring/Summer 2011 Collection contained the most glamorous shipwreck outfits ever. All of the metallic, glitter, silver and gold made it feel like we were stranded on Treasure Island. However, the triangular shapes and unique angles in her pieces reminded me of Tinker Bell so maybe our ship wrecked on Never Ever Land. Overall Kimberly Hendrix created a collection that would satisfy sexy furious women and fantasy fever women. The models worked the runway in black heels and matching black angle socks. In addition, the models were wearing embroidery pieces that were emphasized at the top or bottom of the outfit. All pieces are vintage inspired and handmade by Kimberly herself.

Terri Funaro

“Uptown girl living in an uptown world.” Terri’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection will soon be in every classy fashionistas closet living in the Upper East Side (and living in Tampa Bay). Each piece would be flitting for every girl attending a formal event or a cocktail soiree. The collection was very well made with each piece containing a “wow” detail like a lace neckline on a gorgeous gown. The wedding gowns were breathtaking! Everyone fell in love with her wedding gowns. I heard cheering, applauding and positive chit-chat all across the tent.

Experience the Couture Movement: Essence Flowers

In Designers on September 6, 2010 at 6:15 pm

How do you introduce a designer who needs no introduction due to all of her success in fashion? Let’s see… Ladies and GentlemanBoys and Girls… I present to you… the incredible and magnificent, Essence Flowers!

Fashion designer, Essence Flowers has put an amazing show on year after year at Fashion Week Tampa Bay. She creates magnificent pieces of art and luckily for us, these pieces of artwork aren’t plastered to a wall. They are wearable, touchable, irresistible and fashion-live-feel-loveable… the list goes on and on. She designs gorgeous couture gowns that are artistic and classy with a hint of sex appeal. In addition to the following: wedding dresses, formal wear, swim suits and accessories.  Parisian and Italian runways wouldn’t be able to ignore her breathtaking high fashion style! I truly feel like a fat kid with cake looking at her gowns. I fall in love with one piece and instantaneously want seconds!

After graduating from Tampa’s International Academy of Design and Technology, Essence has been very successful with pursing her passion for fashion career. She’s a consultant in Tampa, a buyer in St. Petersburg, a Pre-Fashion Week participant in New York City and a force behind an up and coming label in Atlanta. This talented couture designer has created magnificent pieces of art that have inspired cultures, communities, fashion lovers and critics. Her remarkable designs have been in local charity shows, fashion shows and lavish red carpet events. Fabulous celebrities have worn her clothes including the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders. Essence designed the cheerleaders’ bathing suits for the 2010 Buccaneer Cheerleader calendar – each month contains a spirited girl looking fashionably sexy worthy of any swimsuit calendar! Congrats Essence on doing such a great job!

This will be Essence Flowers’ third year with Fashion Week Tampa Bay. Fashion is definitely her calling! Everyone including the casual eye along the runway will see this young talent’s artistic brilliance and experience the couture movement that is Essence Flowers.

The 2010 Remarquably Sexy Event

In Designers, Events, Fashion on March 1, 2010 at 9:02 am

One word to describe this upcoming fashion show- SEXY! Swimsuits, corsets and gorgeous dresses from Essence Flowers – one of the featured designers in Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009. Victoria’s Secret better watch out because this event will unleash everyone’s sexy secrets!

The 2010 Remarquably Sexy – UNFORGIVABLE event will debut the latest collection from Essence Flowers. The event will be held at the Tampa International Jet Center on March 6th, which is located at 4751 Jim Walter Blvd Tampa, FL 33607.

The doors will open at 6pm but no worries if you’re fashionably late because the unleashing begins at 7pm. All seats for the show will be general admission.

Tickets are only $25 each (plus tax) and the ticket price can be applied towards the purchase of a garment or donation made on behalf of Essence Flower’s Foundation. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

Come out and experience the unleashing of your own inhibitions on March 6, 2010! Hope to see you there to witness how Essence Flowers brings sexy to Tampa Bay!

CLICK HERE for more information about this event.

Essence Flowers, Fashion Week Tampa Bay Designer

In Designers on August 24, 2009 at 3:51 am

Fashion extraordinaire, designer Essence Flowers, is making a name for herself in the state she calls home. At an early age, Essence was exposed to the art of designing and sewing by her grandmother in Haines City, Florida. Realizing fashion was her passion and calling, Essence further honed her craft at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa. Today, Essence is a recognized designer, consultant, buyer and business professional.

Her label, Remarquable Designs by Essence, is becoming a hot commodity in Atlanta and the Bay area. Essence has had the opportunity to be a pre-fashion week participant in New York and will showcase her newest collection for the second year in a row at Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009.

Remarquable Designs by Essence mixes couture and ready-to-wear with high-fashion, elegance and sex appeal. Each piece in her swim wear, formal, wedding and accessories collection is like a vivid work of art and makes a statement. Her designs truly are remarkable and, as her website says, “Anything else is just ordinary.” I’m looking forward to seeing Essence at Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2009 in September!

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Remarquable Designs By Essence 3



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