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2013 TBFW Designer Runway Show Recap – Part 5

In Designers, Events, Fashion on October 7, 2013 at 8:06 am

Accessuri – Rachana Suri

Designer Rachana Suri used one word to describe her Accessuri line – “rockanrolla.” Accessuri is all about providing fabulous clothing while also doing good for the community through her commitment to sustainability and anti-human trafficking initiatives.

 TBFW Instagram  

Rachana’s collection featured many glamorous and easy-to-wear dresses. The sunset hues on this purple dress would catch anyone’s eye! The collection was full of variety; ranging from effortlessly pretty work-day looks, to sexy date-night looks!

k.hendrix – Kimberly Hendrix

Kimberly Hendrix is no stranger to uniqueness. Her line k.hendrix features raw designs, each made with recycled materials. This year’s collection proved that Kimberly knows exactly how to restore life to those recycled materials and use them to create beautifully unique pieces!


This angelic cream dress wowed the crowd, while the black and white design found the perfect blend of delicacy and fierceness. You definitely won’t see dresses like these anywhere else!


Get to Know Kimberly Hendrix – 2013 TBFW Featured Designer

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Updates on September 5, 2013 at 8:17 am

Kimberly Hendrix

Kimberly Hendrix  of k.hendrix always had an eye for beauty and creativity, working as an interior designer, vintage collector, and seamstress prior to moving to LA to chase her dream of fashion design. Since then Kimberly co-designed a fall 2008 Mercedez Benz collection, had pieces featured in Vogue, and garments worn by A-list celebrities, among other achievements. Each piece in her collection is unique, beautiful, and made from 100% reclaimed and recycled vintage materials. Thanks to her use of recycled materials, Kimberly was also applauded as an eco-conscious designer by the Sustainatopia Awards 2012.

  1. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is expression for me. Not expression of style and trends, as much as expression of one’s true self. I love seeing people transform themselves when they dress up or even dress down. There is a comfort level that people find and they let themselves just be.
  2. What do you hope to bring to Tampa Bay’s fashion scene? I would love to see Tampa Bay branch itself out. Not always being the trendy city with everyone wearing the exact same dress in a different color. I would love to see individualism stand out as it does in bigger cities and other countries.
  3. What matters to you the most as a designer? Making things I love and sharing them with others, using what I do to inspire people in many areas of life, not just fashion.
  4. What makes your line unique? My line is just that, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, all recycled materials. The pieces always fit each customer, as if it was made just for them. And they will never see someone else wearing the exact same thing. My stuff is unfinished and raw for a reason. I don’t like people thinking these clothes are too precious to actually wear out anytime, dressed up or down. People should create their own look with the pieces rather than wearing them only as they saw them in the store window.
  5. You are one of our returning designers. What was your favorite part of last year’s show, and what are you looking forward to most about this year’s show? I love the fashion chaos that goes on behind the scenes at Fashion Week. There is this amazing energy with all the designers putting their very best together to showcase and it is inspiring. For me, personally, each year in September I feel like my designs go through a rebirth and transformation. I try something brand new and I push it as far as I can to surprise people.


Kimberly Hendrix Prepares to Dazzle the Runways of Tampa Bay

In Designers, Events, Fashion on September 10, 2012 at 9:36 am

Vintage inspiration, recyled material and plenty of sparkle.  This perfect combination of ideas results in the stunning garments created by designer Kimberly Hendrix, which will grace our Tampa Bay runway later this month.  K. Hendrix beautifully detailed creations are handmade and feature intricate beading, embroidery and raw details, not to mention the fact that each piece is made with 100% reclaimed or recycled vintage materials of the highest quality.

After working as an interior designer for many years, Kimberly moved her great passion for art and immense creativity into the beautiful world of fashion.  Aside from her own stunning collections, Kimberly also co-designed a full runway collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Fall 2008.  Kimberly’s stunning pieces have appeared on celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, Courtney Love and Juliet Lewis.

The Fall 2012 collection features bold color, brilliant sparkle and delicate fabrics for a style experience that is truly miraculous.

If a picture says a thousand stylish words, I cannot imagine how perfectly stunning such pieces will appear on the runway later this month.  If I were you, I would make September 21st a top priority.

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The Treasures of Kimberly Hendrix

In Designers on September 23, 2011 at 5:30 am

We’re glad to have Kimberly Hendrix back on the Fashion Week Tampa Bay runway! Last year’s collection left a lasting impression on all of us, and we sure can’t wait to feel-it, see-it and shop-it all over again! But before that, let’s get to know Kimberly a little more.

Meet Kimberly

She started her creative career as an interior designer. Then in 2007 she decided to expand her design talents, vintage passion and seamstress skills into fashion design. Since she’s made the decision to move forward with her passions for design, she has done some of the following:

Co-design a full runway collection for Fall 2008 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Appear as herself on the TLC reality series Bikini or Bust

Season 8 Project Runway casting finalist

Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Courtney Love and Juliet Lewis have worn her work

Featured in fashion spreads for Ocean, Glitterati, LA Direct, Icon, 944, Fantastic, Bambi, S Magazine, Vertical, and Blackbook — to name just a few

Signature Style

K. Hendrix creations are handmade pieces with intricate beading, embroidery, raw edges and meticulous detailing. Every item in her collections are created from high end, 100% reclaimed or recycled vintage materials. She’s known for re-using vintage materials and creating one-of-a-kind treasures.

Favorite Piece

Love both of these looks — especially the gold sequin pants with the black blazer!

Three words to describe her designs…

Vintage-inspired, glamorous and trendy

Looking Back

Let’s look back at her work and showcases in previous years of Fashion Week Tampa Bay!

Be sure to check out Kimberly Hendrix in Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2011, where she will be showcasing her latest treasures tonight!! See you there!

Click here to learn more about Kimberly Hendrix.

Get Vertical: So Not Sari

In Events, Fashion on February 14, 2011 at 9:56 am

Thanks to VERTICAL Tampa Bay Magazine, on Friday, February 11th, PUSH Ultra Lounge turned into a fashionably, So Not Sari night! VERTICAL Tampa Bay is an amazing virtual magazine celebrating fashion, flavor, travel, culture and beauty in the Tampa Bay area, and my Friday night amazingly consisted of all of these elements. The night included  fashion inspired by India, generous guests supporting a good cause and flavorful vegetarian food.

My evening began with bubbling champagne and delicious food on the rooftop… “delicious” doesn’t even bring it justice. It was the most creative vegetarian food I’ve ever had! The servers did an excellent job making sure my stomach was full and happy. Besides dessert (must save the best for last), my favorite mouth-watering dish was the mini portobello mushroom burger, which seemed to always be in my hand – no complaints here.

After mingling with some of Tampa Bay’s most elite, the fashion show began with the Creative Director of VERTICAL, Leslie Joy Ickowitz and guests of honor, happily enlightening the crowd on how the act of generosity turned into the So Not Sari event.

And then…the fashion show began! Kimberly Hendrix worked her creativity by combining Indian saris with the handmade k hendrix signature touch. The 12-look collection consisted of beautiful beading, vibrant colors and the creative craftsmanship that Kimberly is known for.

Kimberly’s pieces were auctioned off after the show with 50% of the proceeds benefiting the organization StreetSAFE, which provides for homeless children in the Bay area. Overall the live auction went very well with guests outbidding each other for their favorite garments and more importantly, a generous donation will be made to StreetSAFE.

And then there was…dessert! While waiting in line, I got a glimpse of what we were having for dessert but couldn’t quite figure out exactly what it was… I’ve never seen anything like it before. Soon I learned that it was the balloon au chocolat dessert a la by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering. The server pours hot rosewater onto the white chocolate balloon which would melt unto the dark chocolate cake beneath it. Honestly, it was the best dessert I have ever seen and tasted! To top if off, the rooftop view of downtown St. Petersburg was breathtaking.

Everything that VERTICAL Tampa Bay Magazine stands for came to life that night. Fashion, flavor, and culture… it was So Not Sari!

Fabulous Helping Hands

In Designers, Events, Fashion on February 7, 2011 at 12:37 pm

The power of generosity easily opens our eyes to the importance of life. It warms our hearts in seconds yet manages to last a lifetime. In the moment…we offer a helping hand. Our helping hands, powered by generosity, are what truly makes us so fabulous!

So why discuss fabulous helping hands? Well, here’s the story: VERTICAL Tampa Bay reader, Upendra Reddy, reached out with an offer to donate a collection of Indian Saris to Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 fashion designer, Kimberly Hendrix. She’s a local Tampa Bay designer who reuses, recycles and renews materials to create her gorgeous vintage-inspired and handmade garments and was featured in the fall issue of VERTICAL.

Upendra’s generosity touched Kimberly, and Kimberly decided to donate 50% of the proceeds from the collection she creates with the Indian saris to a good cause of Upendra’s choice. Upendra has a heart for children who are homeless, and the organization StreetSAFE happens to provide for homeless children in the Bay area. This Friday all of these helping hands will be united!

Kimberly Hendrix for k.hendrix is creating a 12-look collection exclusively for VERTICAL Tampa Bay. The collection will be showcased at So Not Sari which is an exotic fashion presentation on Friday, February 11, 2011 at PUSH Ultra Lounge in downtown St. Petersburg.”So Not Sari is a celebration of hope, love and fashion,” says Leslie Joy Ickowitz, publisher and creative director of VERTICAL Tampa Bay. After the presentation, the garments will be featured in a live auction benefiting StreetSAFE – a division of the Family Resources Foundation devoted to the homeless children population in the Bay area.

This event is invitation only. You can check back here though for post coverage updates and join us as we Get VERTICAL this Friday!

Runway Review

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Updates on October 2, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Essence Flowers

Flowers are usually associated with romance and what’s more romantic than a wedding? Well, Essence Flowers’ collection was a mix and match made in heaven. A edgy elegance made up of gorgeous feminine pieces paired with rebellious music from Marilyn Manson –“Sweet Dreams.” They have always said that opposites attract! The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders worked the runway and posed in puppet like positions at the end. In addition to wearing white bridal hats, goddess gowns and girly form-fitting pieces with a soft color palate of pink, white, camel and gray.

Kimberly Hendrix

Her Spring/Summer 2011 Collection contained the most glamorous shipwreck outfits ever. All of the metallic, glitter, silver and gold made it feel like we were stranded on Treasure Island. However, the triangular shapes and unique angles in her pieces reminded me of Tinker Bell so maybe our ship wrecked on Never Ever Land. Overall Kimberly Hendrix created a collection that would satisfy sexy furious women and fantasy fever women. The models worked the runway in black heels and matching black angle socks. In addition, the models were wearing embroidery pieces that were emphasized at the top or bottom of the outfit. All pieces are vintage inspired and handmade by Kimberly herself.

Terri Funaro

“Uptown girl living in an uptown world.” Terri’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection will soon be in every classy fashionistas closet living in the Upper East Side (and living in Tampa Bay). Each piece would be flitting for every girl attending a formal event or a cocktail soiree. The collection was very well made with each piece containing a “wow” detail like a lace neckline on a gorgeous gown. The wedding gowns were breathtaking! Everyone fell in love with her wedding gowns. I heard cheering, applauding and positive chit-chat all across the tent.

Handmade Hendrix

In Designers on July 28, 2010 at 8:59 am

We welcome fashion designer, Kimberly Hendrix to our Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 runway!

Over the past few years, Kimberly has used her skills from being an interior designer, vintage collector and seamstress into becoming a talented fashion designer. She has participated in many fashion events like GenArt and Nolcha and has also co-designed a full runway collection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008. Kimberly has even appeared as herself on the TLC reality show: bikini or bust, where she helped her friend and designer, Ashley Paige create a 28 look collection for Mercedes-Benz in just two weeks! Recently she tried returning to the television screen by applying for Project Runway season 8. However, after becoming a finalist then being denied on the fashion design reality show – she decided to put together her own project! Starting July 29th she’ll go head-to-head with Project Runway season 8 by taking on each challenge, record her design process then post her results in her video blog for fans to compare and vote on the show’s challenge winner or Kimberly.

She will be showing her Spring 2011 collection this September in Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010. According to Kimberly, it will be her most complete and stunning collection to date. I’m getting super anxious and can’t wait to see what she will bring to our 2010 runway! If it’s anything like her previous collections, everyone will be drooling! Whether it’s a ready-to-wear or couture collection, each of her creations are handmade and one-of-a-kind, as it should be. Each creation features intricate beading, embroidery, incredible detailing, raw edges and more fabulous features that will make any fashionista weak to her knees! On her blog “Keeping up with K. Hendrix”, she shares some of the inspirations behind her spring 2011 collection: vintage Paris, ballet, and a touch of circus.

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