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How To Keep (And Look) Cool In The Sun

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If you’re in Florida right now, we’re going to guess that the sun has been beating you into a hot, sweaty pulp! And you probably find yourself searching aimlessly for that breeze when you step outside of your home!

Well, look no further. We can’t create wind, but Fashion Week Tampa Bay can help you stay breezy, work that frizz, and look as relaxed as the Florida palm trees.

First things first, remove all tight articles of clothing from your closet, drawers and mind for the foreseeable hot future.


Image by PDPics

Tank tops and shorts included! Though they seem like go-to articles of clothing, they will only make you hotter and sweat like a gruesome day in the gym.


Image by Janul, Creative Common License

Wear LOOSE clothing. The less fabric touching your skin, the cooler you will feel. If you can help it, wear cotton.


Image by Unsplash

Take full advantage of crop tops, bralettes and sport bras. If showing skin is not your thing, wear high waist shorts or a loose skirt.


Image by Lucy Burrows


Image by bohemianbikini

Skirts and maxi dresses give your skin breathing room. Pairing crop tops or bralettes with skirts or donning a maxi dress can give you a simple, very modern look.

14045759074_f07fc91111_bImage by Jamie

Rompers or short overalls can also help keep you cool. The trick is making sure the fabrics are lightweight like cotton or linen. Denim can absorb heat but a nice pair of overalls paired with a bralette or crop top will have you looking chic and Tampa Bay Fashion Week approved.

All women know what the sun can do to our tresses but in the name of Beyonce, we are going to take lemons and make lemonade. Wear hats, scarves or bandanas and style that frizz! Everyday looks can be made with baseball caps, just throw it on.

Images by Urszulam25 (Scarf 2, Scarf 3)

Creatively use scarves or bandanas to hold your hair off your neck. Use them as elastics to put your hair in a ponytail. Put your hair in a bun and wrap a scarf or bandana around your head or the bun. The hair accessories will give your outfit a little flair and let you show off your personality.

These tips will help you stay airy, breezy and easy. Try them and let us know if they worked for you.


~FWTB Stylista Jessica

Summer Party Picks

In Fashion, Trends on July 20, 2011 at 9:40 am

‘Tis the season for picnics, barbecues and an array of outdoor festivities. Of course we all want to be comfortable amid the heatwaves of summer, without sacrificing style. The goal is to put together a low key look that doesn’t echo “trying too hard.” Choose casual, effortless pieces and bring them to live with fun accessories or a hint of print. With food, mother nature and fruity drinks nearby I try to steer clear of white. Other neutrals and light shades, plus a good sunscreen will keep the scorching to a minimum. Here are my staples:

  •  Top: A loose, flirty tank or tee in either a solid or print. Sound easy? It is! Find a style that works for you and don’t be afraid to mix patterns.
  • Shorts: The possibilities are endless with denim, cotton, linen and chino fabrics. This is the perfect occasion to play with prints or try cargos for a stylish alternate to denim. Just be sure your pair works for sitting on grass, benches and so on.
  • Dress: You can’t go wrong with a solid, but prints are huge this season. My favorite prints are floral and Ikat. Before stepping out, confirm your dress passes the infamous “sit test.”
  • Shoes: Flat sandals are a safe, comfortable choice. Kick it up a notch with espadrilles or other wedges, but avoid shoes that will sink into the ground or get slippery soles when the inevitable summer downpour starts, i.e., stilettos.
  • Purse: A lightweight tote or crossbody with a large strap that you can slip over your shoulder when grabbing food and other goodies.
  • Lightweight Cover Up: Pieces that are linen or light cotton like an open cardigan, blazer or bolero that you can toss in your tote.
Flirty Brights Mixed & Matched

Indira Ikat & Rumi Dresses

Neutrals & Patterns

Mix, match and accessorize and you’re ready to go! What are some of your essential party pieces for the summer?

Trendy Trousers

In Fashion, Trends on June 7, 2011 at 12:37 pm
Summer is here, and although the days are quite warm, the nights still have a slight chill to them. When dressing for drinks or dinner out on the town, trendy trousers are perfect during this transitional time between seasons. And since mixing and matching bright colors is huge this summer season, I have been eyeing these colorful trousers from one of my all-time favorite stores, ZARA. I’ve also added some printed trousers to my ZARA trouser shopping bag – summer time always means more stripes and prints in my wardrobe, plus these are always just the thing for a fun summer look! Now every girl could use a second opinion while shopping… so I’m calling all of my fellow fashionistas – Which trendy trousers do you like the most? Cast your vote by writing a comment. Thanks shopping buddies!

What to Wear to Every Occasion

In Fashion, Updates on August 18, 2010 at 4:16 am

No matter how much pre-meditated planning I do on what to wear for an occasion, whether it be a first date or a job interview, I still find myself ransacking my closet for a different choice. I ask myself why? The outfit I chose -post getting dress anxiety- was fabulous. A high-waisted pencil skirt with a collared business shirt and pumps was my original choice. Is it too ‘corporate’ looking? Should I add a pop color? Maybe I should wear pants?…ahhhh! Do you ever find yourself consumed with fear as to what is the perfect outfit to wear? You’re not alone.

Most of the confusion women feel when they are attempting to put together an occasion specific ensemble is caused by fear. Fear of breaking the “fashion rules,” fear of violating tradition or the basic fear of looking bad. Getting dressed for an occasion should not induce anxiety. Your clothes should communicate who you are. So if it calls for breaking the “fashion rules”, rules were made to be broken!

Although at times you may be breaking the rules or not, there are still guidelines to the fashion language that help make our own rules. There is a right time and right place for everything, and the ultimate look book to guide you there: Nina Garcia’s, What to Wear to Every Occasion Look Book. This book leads you through the fashion lingo for some of life’s basic occasions to ensure that your ensemble is always a flawless representation of you.

As I was aboard a 5 hour flight to Las Vegas, I was transfixed by the pages of this book. Each occasion is broken up into categories for easy cross-referencing. The book starts off with work.  There is nothing more stressful than a job interview. The job market is very competitive right now due to the economy. You not only have to consider what you will say but also how you will look. The first impression sets the tone of the interview. You do not want to set a loud tone with extremes of any kind. This is an absolute no-no. The book advises to wear a suit. It says that you are serious and that you take the position seriously as well. As I attached post-it notes to key guidelines, I came across a sometimes unnoticed detail to any look for an occasion, but most importantly to a job interview. Your handbag! My handbag is my security blanket. It literally tells a story about who I am if you dare to look inside. So, you want your future employer to see a neat and well-organized handbag equipped with a pen and notepad ready to go.

Over 300 pages are filled with guidelines and antidotes of the language of fashion. You will be informed about what to wear for an occasion like casual Friday’s, after you’ve been cruelly dumped, or what to wear to jury duty. Holidays, weddings, day, night, and many more make up the categories in which you will find the answers to your fashion fears. This book now stays in my closet and is referenced before I even attempt to think about what to wear. No more dress anxiety for me!

Also by Nina Garcia, The Little Black Book of Style, The One Hundred, and The Style Strategy.

Arabian Nights

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on August 9, 2010 at 12:08 pm

As we arrive at the peak of summer, vacations tend to be at a high. The start of summer’s end and the anticipation of fall activities to come, such as, back to school and Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010, forces us to start wrapping up our summer adventures and turn August into the last resort month. This summer, whether you are lounging at the Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas or staying local and setting sail off the St. Pete Pier on a yacht, join the Arabian Night!

Resort collections for 2010 offer looks that appeal as if they stepped out of the desert. Ankle-grazing dresses in cotton gauze and silk chiffon give a breezy-air feel while strutting on the shore line. This time more is more. Loose fitting dresses that flow in the wind portray a beautiful ambiance that is candy to the eye.

Always remember to accessorize! Bangles and hoop earrings mock an Arabian look.

I came across this Christian Dior harem jumpsuit in black that looked so comfortable. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the shoes you choose to wear. Also, an Alice + Olivia jumpsuit that was made of jersey knit with an empire waist. This also can be worn both day or night depending on the shoes.

The color palettes that make up most resort collections this season are soft yet luxurious with gold, black, white and yellow tones. Consider pairing some gold aviators with your resort look.

So, as we start to wrap up the summer, make every night an Arabian one with long flowy harems, hoop earrings and lots of bangles!

Rent the Runway

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on August 6, 2010 at 3:15 am

As a professional shopaholic, I make it my weekly duty to coast the local malls to engage in the latest fashions offered at retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordie’s. However, just because I make it a point to slip myself into a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, in these hard economic times I can’t always break the bank for my addictions, so I have found a solution where recycling is brought to the next level, rent the runway! is a website that offers current season’s fashions from over 95 designers for rent. They have dresses that can be worn to any black tie gala, wedding, holiday or a night on the town. Rental prices are 90% off the retail price. Now that’s a bargain!

The site is very easy and accommodating. You first enter in the date of your next event, your size and your zip code where you want the dress to be shipped. Then it seems like a never-ending list of over 18,000 dresses. Now, when it comes to ordering a dress via the web, finding the perfect fit can be tricky. Rent the Runway provides you with a second size – at no additional cost –  to ensure the perfect fit. Can’t make up your mind on what to wear? Rent a second look for only $25.00 and have another option for your event.

I came across so many dresses at very affordable prices. A Herve Leger papaya bandage dress retailing at $1,450.00 for rent at $150.00. A Diane Von Furstenberg foil print strapless dress retailing at $398.00 for rent at $50.00. They even had a Matthew Williamson embellished pocket dress retailing at $2,500.00 for rental at $250.00.

It doesn’t stop there, they even offer accessories to style up your dress. Badgley Mischka chandelier bow earrings retailing at $250.00 but for rent at $25.00

If you are clumsy like me and find yourself staying away from colors like white and tan because you fear spilling your glass of red wine on it, have no fear, a $5.00 insurance charge purchased will cover you if you do happen to spill your wine, stick a zipper, or lose a stone on an accessory. Don’t worry about dry cleaning the dress before returning either, they use an eco-friendly, luxury dry cleaner that ensures 100% fresh seal approval.

This business was built so fashionistas can try new brands, new trends, and feel beautiful every night. They bring a new meaning to recycling and renting. You can now rent an apartment, dvds and a dress. When it comes to fashion, the sky is the limit.

The Golden Age

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I have always been a fan of a thick frame and pitch-black shaded sunglasses that protects my eyes from everything under the sun. This summer, I am trading my dull black shades in for some shiny bright gold aviators. Thanks to celebrity trendsetters, I was first introduced to the golden era of eyewear while attending Fashion Week Tampa Bay’s Ultimate Ladie’s Night Out for the Sex and the City2 premiere. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) sported Mykita & Bernhard Willhem’s Franz limited edition gold aviators in one of the opening scenes. It was love at first sight. So, I have been searching for the right pair for me and came across so many pairs that I need your advice!

First pair are Badgley Mischka. These 24-karat gold aviators have been seen on celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Rihanna who wore them in her “So Hard” video. The shape really frames the face nice not giving it too much of a masculine form.

Next, Ray-Ban gold aviators, which are known for their aviator sun-glasses, doesn’t come as a surprise that they would also offer them in gold. The shape of the frame is more squared and can only work well with certain face types such as square and/or round.

I came across an Elizabeth and James limited edition Fairfax sunglasses that had a thick black frame that surrounded the gold lenses. I always seem to fall back into a thick black frame.

Eyewear over the years has become one of the must have accessories along with shoes and belts. Although the trends change from thick sun-glasses to thin, they are now changing colors as well. If you remember last season the silver Ray-Bans were the hottest accessories around. It seems that designers are feeling a bit more luxurious this season with the 18, 22, and 24-karat gold sunglasses, most offered in thick and thin lenses. However, I can’t decide which pair are for me.

Any suggestions fashionistas?

Showing the Inside Out: The Graphic Cuff

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on July 20, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Over the years, jeans have become a bit more complex. We used to have very few options when it came to jean styles-boot cut or loose fit. However, through inspiration from music and celebrities, the turn of the millenium has brought us more jean styles we could possibly even ask for. I actually find it challenging to shop for jeans now-a-days. Especially when shopping at Gap. Their options are endless…stretch, jeggings, bootcut, skinny, curvy, long and lean.

The newest edition to the jean library at Gap has you taking what’s on the inside and showing it out; the graphic cuff jeans. You would cuff the bottom of your jeans to reveal a whimsical bird graphic. This means, you will be drawing  attention to your ankles so I recommend not only pairing your new graphic cuff jeans with fabulous shoes but always remembering to accessorize so consider some trendy ankle bracelets. The graphic cuff jeans can be dressed up or dressed down.

So, on your next shopping adventure, be sure to visit a Gap near you and explore the galore of jean styles, especially the graphic cuff jeans!

Shoulder Jewelry

In Fashion, Trends on July 12, 2010 at 2:16 am

There is nothing worse than when it comes to wearing a cami to show off your flirtatious shoulders but instead they are camouflaged by a bra strap. Especially if the bra strap isn’t the same color as the cami…yuck! You could just wear a strapless bra but I find a sense of security when my shoulders hold up my boulders, small boulders that is – tsk tsk.

Thanks to Cole Spencer, one of our very own Fashion Week Tampa Bay fans, I have been introduced to a new way to show off your shoulders without the shameful exposure of a plain, dull bra strap. Decorative bra straps! provides bra straps that are more like shoulder jewelry. Hand beaded straps that are durable along with jewelry straps such as a strap with pink roses and crystals can be paired with a pink cami to transform your outfit and look as if it’s a part of your shirt.

Not only are the straps trendy but they are functional as well. Now you can stop the slip-sliding straps from falling down by replacing them with a beaded, fabric or rhinestone strap. The decorative straps can be attached to any strapless or convertible bra.

Getting married soon or just know someone who is? even has bridal bra straps. Thanks, Cole for the fashion scoop!

Ladie’s Night at the Denim Bar

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Ladies, it’s time for happy hour, except we’re not going to the martini bar, we’re heading to the denim bar! Grab your laptops, iPads, or whatever internet access you have and get ready for a night of stonewashed finish in a skinny jean cut on the rocks with a twist.

I came across an incredible website where you can choose what type of jean cut style you prefer, whether it be skinny, flare or jeggings- leggings that look like jeans- an assortment of finishes including stonewash, forest wash, cavern wash and much more.  It’s called the denim bar and you can go there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get a quick denim fix by visiting

Madewell is a denim brand that started in the late 1930s. They have 17 locations in 12 states including New York, Georgia, California, and Massachusetts, where the company was founded. Recently they launched their online store so that no matter what state or country you were in, you can be a madewell chic!

The Madewell brand offers trendy styles that are cool and hip with a downtown-casual vibe infused with lots of denim. While navigating the site you will come across a few important links: Looks We Love and The Denim Bar. By clicking on the links, the site will take you on a tour of what’s hot for the season. So far I’ve been advised that cardigans will be a fall must have.

Although they specialize in denim, the brand doesn’t stop there. They have very fashionable tees and tanks, accessories and shoes, along with sweaters and jackets. It’s a one-stop shop for an entire look. Want to know the coolest way to wear skinny jeans this summer? Well, the site also turns into your very own stylist with a Denim Q&A link that provides frequently asked questions and answers about the styles.

Happy Shopping!

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