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Girl ‘Turbo’ Power

In Events, Fashion, Updates on March 27, 2010 at 8:16 am

Bringing the spice to the race track, Milka Duno, the first Latin American female driver ever to be classified as an “expert” adds chic style to the raceways.  As I spent some time with Milka at the IZOD Indy Car Series, she sported a white tank, denim jeans, a jeweled belt and Gucci boots. Can we say va-va-va-vrrooom stylista! On the track Milka feels that every part of her fire suit accessories are important, and off the track her number one must-have accessories are belts!

In addition to being one of the most successful female sports car racers in history, Milka is also a qualified Naval Engineer with four Master’s degrees in: Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Fishing and Aquaculture and Maritime Business. Talk about Girl Power!

She filmed her first major motion picture playing the role of race car driver, Kellie “Gearbox,” in the highly anticipated Speed Racer movie that is based on the 1960’s classic animated series.  The talent doesn’t stop there…she recently published her first bilingual kids book, “Go, Milka, Go!” . The book depicts her as a cartoon character teaching the importance of education to children of all ages.

Although Milka Duno wears many hats, on Sunday, Mar 28, 2010, during the IZOD Indy Car Series 2010 at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, the only head wear Milka will be sporting is her sassy helmet. “Go, Milka, Go!”

Milka Duno and me

Gear Up for the Raceway!

In Events, Fashion, Updates on March 27, 2010 at 8:00 am

Spending the day on the Pit Lane with an up close and personal experience of the burning tires and extremely loud engines is not something a fashionista gets to encounter on a daily basis. As Indy race car drivers like Ryan Hunter-Reay accelerated at speeds of 200+ mph around the street tracks of the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, I developed a clear connection between Indy car racing and fashion!

Thanks to Josh from IZOD, Indy Car Series’ official sponsor, he explained how “fashion and style of the race along with the speed and energy of it should be an input in the energy of fashion.” Although IZOD is primarily a men’s casual clothing line along with Indy car racing being male-dominated as well, the brand does not leave out the females. Through various marketing channels, IZOD has not only reached out to male sports fans but also women shopping for male sports fans.

I got the pleasure of striking a pose with the IZOD Indy Car model and I have to say she brought a new meaning of sexy to IZOD. Macy’s, partner of IZOD, houses their  limited edition series of IZOD Indy Car clothing. Apparel such as t-shirts and leather jackets for both men and women are inspired by heritage aspects of motorsporting from the last 100 years of racing. As we all know, vintage is always in style!

My experience didn’t stop there…it went full speed ahead cheering on IZOD’s sponsored driver, Ryan Hunter-Reay while he participated in the qualifying race for the first U.S.A. Indy Car Race for the 2010 series tomorrow (Sunday, 3/28/10). He finished 2nd a few weeks back at San Paolo, Brazil in the first race of the 2010 series. While exercising my cheerleading skills I got to chat with Ryan’s fashionable fiance, Becky on her fashion point of few for an Indy Car event. “Pit Laners” (the girls hanging at the pit stops)- are quite fashionable with limited restrictions on attire, except for the footwear…which must be closed-toe. No open-toe stilettos ladies! Becky sported IZOD clothing from head to toe. Could she be the next IZOD girl?

So as I gear up for tomorrow’s main event, I will be sure to wear closed toe shoes, lots of sunblock and my IZOD hat…vvrrooooooommm!!!

Becky and me (Gabrielle)

Ryan Hunter-Reay and me

IZOD Model

Stylish speed…we’ll take two!

In Designers, Events, Fashion on March 26, 2010 at 6:33 pm

After meeting some of the IndyCar drivers yesterday morning during the Driver & Media luncheon at the Vinoy Renaissance St.Petersburg Resort, Gabrielle and I decided to trade places with the drivers!

Gabrielle and I took on the IZOD IndyCar race track and went from heels to wheels! Here’s our take:

Mine (Deanna) – After calling “Shotgun!” and jumping into the front seat of the Indy race car, I prayed that I wouldn’t regret that… However, I couldn’t stop laughing and screaming – I was having so much fun! Plus, having a front row seat made the race car ride even better! He was driving so fast that I couldn’t stay still!

OK, OK – I have to admit, there was a tad bit of fear which is why there was a slight escape of some un-ladylike words. Nonetheless, bad words and all, the experience was worth it because my red hot shoes and I were loving every second! We were so close to the wall that I could almost smell the paint. Next time…I’m getting behind the wheel!

Gabrielle – Whoever thought that cutting turns at 90mph could be such a thrill?! What an adrenaline rush! I was just as excited as I get when Nordstrom is having one of their shoe sales…as I am for a show for a Fashion Week Tampa Bay designer (like Ivanka Ska’s SEE Dali Sensory Overload)…or sniffing a cute guy who is wearing the IZOD fragrance. You get it, right? That’s pretty excited, wouldn’t you say?

For the record, I don’t recommend wearing stilettos in a race car…only a slight  disappointment from a style stance, but I didn’t feel out-of-place. I felt proud that I was representing an entity (fashion) that really does go with everything. Perhaps fashion is not nearly recognized enough at let’s say – a race care sporting event – however, by the end of this week we plan to have all the Indy car drivers and fans open-minded to a stylish point of view!

Thanks James!

Our race car on the IndyCar track!

Dario Franchitti and us

Mayor of St. Petersburg - Bill Foster!

Dario Franchitti at the luncheon, and cute pooch.

Some of the IndyCar 2010 drivers!

Deanna modeling in front of Danica Patrick's truck.

Gabrielle posing in front of Danica Patrick's truck.

Stay tuned for more posts about our experience at the IZOD IndyCar Series 2010 – Honda Grand Prix at St. Petersburg !

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