Who Wore What on Race Day…

In Events, Fashion, Updates on March 30, 2010 at 1:08 am

Gabrielle and me (Deanna) on Pit Lane

Whether you’re going to a fashion show or a race, dressing stylish for that specific event is always a must! There is a certain look that spectators wear on race day but making it more fashionable can be fun and as easy as 1, 2, 3… GO!

When I attended the IZOD IndyCar Series 2010 – Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg yesterday, I saw a lot of spectators wearing driver merchandise like shirts and accessories of Danica Patrick. Wearing a driver’s merchandise or IZOD is perfect for a racing event!

Showing off your personal style in your race day outfit is really taking it to the next level. I love embracing my artsy rocker side so I just had to mix that rocker style with my race day outfit. I mean hellooooo… what’s more rebellious than driving speeds as fast as 200mph?!

I wore a purple plaid shirt, light denim shorts, tan boots, a teal beaded bracelet (with a silver snake in the middle) and my Fashion Week Tampa Bay t-shirt to represent! Gabrielle also looked super stylish with her ripped jeans, sunglasses and bright purple flats.

The bracelet I wore on race day!!!

IndyCar driver, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. knows a thing or two about racing and fashion thanks to his own clothing line:  Anti-Celeb. He shared some great fashion advice on what to wear on race day like sunglasses, a hat and closed-toe shoes are a must! Sadly, I didn’t get his advice until it was too late on Saturday (3/27) and I was banned from the pit lane for wearing sandals…that were super cute, by the way. I mean, come on! Everyone wears sandals in Florida! Safety first though, so when it came to my outfit for the Grand Prix – boots were on the top of my list!

A spectator’s outfit should embody two things: style and function! You never know what the weather will bring in Florida! There wasn’t a single cloud on Saturday and it was pouring rain Sunday… so random! Spectators like Melissa were fully prepared for rain or sun! She wore black rain boots, sunglasses and carried the cutest pink Juicy Couture umbrella! Smart and stylish!

Dressing for function and style are simply the two most important things when putting together your race day outfit! Rain or shine… look stylish while cheering on your favorite driver in the IZOD IndyCar 2010 Series!

Melissa (race day fan)

Arie Luyendyk, Jr and me

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