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Hair Identity

In Events on September 24, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Do you face an identity crisis? That is, with your hair? Some of us feel like our hair doesn’t fit our identity… that is, our true self. It’s not easy when new hair trends change almost as often as fashion trends. Some of us are luckier than others and have a head of gorgeous hair that’s hard not to love. Either way you need to get your “hair did” every so often. Fashion Week Tampa Bay sponsor, New Identities Hair Studio creates fabulous hair so of course they will be providing our models gorgeous runway hair!

Tampa Palms Location: 15307 Amberly Drive Tampa Florida 33647 Phone: 813-979-0760

New Identities Hair Studio knows hair! They will give you beautiful and healthy hair that’s worthy for any occasion like working it down the runway or attending the parties and runway shows for Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010. Of course you don’t need a reason to have great hair. Shoot! If I could wake up with amazing hair every morning, I’d be in heaven! They make it possible to always have healthy and stylish hair. In addition to getting healthy great looking hair, New Identities understands the importance of having your own hair style and your choices are endless with them. You can have hair straight from the runway, high fashion edgy hair, or your own signature look. Their hair stylists can do anything you could ever imagine. The biggest hair trend currently is having long brunette hair with a side bang (which I love) but it may not look good on everyone. New Identities Hair Studio will guide you on what type of hair style would work best for you. Never worry about a horrible hair cut again! They know hair and totally have your back!

So whether you face a hair identity crisis or need to maintain those gorgeous locks, New Identities Hair Studio is the place for all hair needs! Remember “fashion fades and style is eternal” so make sure your hair fits with your identity and personal style.


Well Model Behaved

In Designers, Events, Fashion on September 24, 2010 at 1:23 pm

On Wednesday, September 22, Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 kicked off the annual event with a VIP Model Behavior cocktail party at Clearwater Audi, Fashion Week Tampa Bay’s 2010 presenting sponsor.

The night was filled with fashion, fun, and fast cars. As attendees sipped on Conelly cocktails and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres from Grillsmith, Stone Chefs and Mitchell’s Fish Market, they got to test out some of Audi’s luxury cars.

VIP guests got the chance to behave or mis-behave like a model, dressed to the ‘nines’ and were photographed in front of Fashion Week Tampa Bay’s red carpet.

I spent the night chatting with Fashion Week Tampa Bay designers and models about what to expect Friday, September 24 on the runway. Although I received tons of good details, unfortunately I will be keeping lips sealed on this one. Come check out the Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 runway show at the Armature building for a night you won’t forget.

We Mean Business

In Events, Fashion on September 21, 2010 at 8:01 am

Looking for a career in a field that is never dull, always changing, and requires you to constantly re-invent yourself? Consider a career in fashion! The Art Institute of Tampa offers a Fashion & Retail Management program that focuses on the business side of fashion. There is more to fashion then just cutting and sewing a garment. Ever wonder how a Dolce & Gabbana dress goes from the runway to a clothing rack at Neiman Marcus? That’s were Fashion & Retail Management comes into play.

At the Art Institute of Tampa, students will be revealed to the fast-paced industry that requires talented and creative professionals who have a great sense of style and a solid knowledge of the business world.  The Bachelor’s degree program prepares students with the knowledge needed to be successful in the business side of fashion.

Kate Campbell Academic Director of the Fashion & Retail Management Program

The coursework explores the history of fashion through the years, designers in the industry, textiles and how they are produced, why retailers mark-up/down merchandise, and the process of owning or running a boutique including sales and promotions, store management, event planning and product and sales development. Students gain hands-on experience through various opportunities throughout their degree participating in local fashion shows, visual window displays, and even producing their very own fashion show.

The Art Institute of Tampa is a proud sponsor of Fashion Week Tampa Bay. Students have the opportunity to participate in this annual event by assisting designers backstage, dressing the models and/or assist with the production side of a fashion show.

So as you attend Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 on September 24th, stop by the Art Institute of Tampa in the Boutique area for more information on how you can have a career that never goes out of style!

For more information on Fashion Week Tampa Bay and tickets visit

Va Va Voom Your Look with VA Cosmetics

In Events, Fashion, Trends on September 20, 2010 at 12:51 pm

No chemicals… no dyes… and no preservatives. It’s taking over the beauty industry faster than the speed of light (exaggeration much.. but you get it). It’s called “mineral makeup” – cosmetic products made of all natural, finely ground minerals from the earth. Unlike traditional makeup, it’s all natural baby! If you haven’t updated your makeup to mineral makeup yet, then it’s time to va va voom your look, ladies -Va Yourself!

Skin care educator and creator of VA Cosmetics, Sneha Dixit has been committed to sharing her professional makeup expertise with women for years. Sneha has taught many women an efficient approach to applying makeup and having a natural flawless makeup look. In addition to providing useful beauty information about keeping your makeup bag tidy and clutter free. We women will clean our bags thoroughly every week or two but wouldn’t it be more practical to simply keep our bags (including our makeup bags) sparkling clean all the time? The key to having your bag sparkling clean is quality not quantity! It’s better to have the essentials instead of the unnecessary.

VA Yourself Cosmetics offers high pigment, long-lasting colors based on a beautiful palette. To keep harmony with nature, they create healthy mineral makeup and paraben-free lip shines. Their products make creating a gorgeous look so easy while enhancing your natural inner and outer beauty. They carry a great variety of different lipstick colors. Perfect, since I always carry three or four different ones at once. My outfits and mood usually determine my lip color though, lately it’s either a refreshing, fashionable nude lip color or fierce wildfire red lips. The VA nude shimmer lip shine will be added to my makeup bag in no time. I love how their nude shimmer will create the illusion of fuller lips. You can purchase Sneha’s products on the VA Cosmetics website or during any of her personal makeup and skin care lessons that are held throughout the year.

Be refreshed… be beautiful… and be ready to va va voom your look with VA Cosmetics! The perfect way to look fabulous for Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010!

The Academy

In Fashion, Updates on September 15, 2010 at 2:34 pm

When it comes to being a fashion designer, creative passion, knowledge of the industry and design skills are necessary.  Having a wild imagination will also bring you far in this industry filled with “magic makers.” Everyone from the fashion show coordinators to the designers work magic in providing what the final eye sees. So how do you learn these design skills? Let me tell you… trying to teach yourself how to sew isn’t easy! Are designers born with fashion design skill? Doubtful unless you are the great Coco Chanel! What do talented fashion designers like Essence Flowers and Nina Verklas have in common? They are both successful graduates from International Academy of Design and Technology!

International Academy of Design and Technology has several campus locations throughout the U.S. including Tampa (of course), Chicago, Las Vegas, Sacramento and more. You can even attend “The Academy” while being home in your pajamas – online! The design college locations like Tampa focus on helping students acquire innovative design and technology skills while they pursue their dream career. One of the Tampa’s instructors, Terri Funaro is one of our Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 designers. International Academy of Design and Technology help students transform their passions and creative ideas into an interesting, in-demand career. Fashion design is only one of the many appealing degree programs. The Academy offers degrees in interior design, graphic design, animation, audio production, fashion merchandising, professional photography, advertising design, game production, digital media production, building information modeling and post production.

A school that focuses on transforming students’ creative passions into careers is nothing less than perfect for sponsoring our fashionable event. We are proud to have International Academy of Design and Technology as a Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 sponsor!

Great Parenting is Always in Style!

In Fashion on September 14, 2010 at 5:20 am

One of my favorite television shows always includes this look in their makeover projects… and I will definitely have the cutest, fashionable, and functional… mom-on-the-go look ever! Attention all busy parents in the Tampa Bay area; you can totally count on Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine for upbeat and solid information about parenting.

We are glad to have Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine as one of our Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 sponsors! The magazine provides busy, yet stylish parents with information on events in the Bay area, parenting advice, activities, after school programs, summer camps and more. The articles cover important topics like health, nutrition, education, swim guide, restaurant guide, party planning, and traveling. Sounds like the perfect magazine – I mean, hello! It’s both fun and very functional to read Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine! I can see it now… mama Dee in the kitchen reading Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine while drinking a cup of Joe.  In addition to being a stylish mommy with my super cute kid, of course! Like one of my favorite television reality stars – Teresa from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, my kids will always look like a mini model. Speaking of kid models… Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine is currently having a “Cover Kid Search.” Interested? Enter the cover competition whether your child is America’s Next Top Model or has a smile that melts everyone’s heart. Just upload their picture onto the website where people can view and vote for their favorite.

Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine offers so much, the articles and valuable information are endless! I really like how they remind parents in their mission that most parenting is about the “little stuff.” Yes, you’ll have plenty of major issues to deal with throughout the years but also try focusing on the little stuff. For instance, playing games together, long conservations over hot cocoa, and of course, shopping and attending Fashion Week Tampa Bay together!

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