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Pretty City in Our City

In Events, Fashion on September 15, 2011 at 10:38 am

Tampa Bay Pretty City

Pretty City is a website devoted to the belief that beauty is more than skin deep and that taking care of the physical body is just as important as taking care of the soul. We couldn’t agree more. With values such as honesty and truth in beauty, and a commitment to giving back, we are proud to have Pretty City as a sponsor of Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2011 for the fourth year! Founder Carolyn Brundage and her team at Pretty City are committed to making women prettier in some small way all while saving us money on products and services we need to look and feel our best.

The comprehensive database on the Pretty City website includes many of the country’s top spas, salons and med spas.  A variety of products and services are offered, plus a list of upcoming events at each of these venues in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Tampa Bay.  It is a complete beauty, leisure and wellness website where you can check out editorial reader and product reviews as well as service discounts and read about current trends. Serious beauty aficionados can even register on the Pretty City website as a VIPretty contributor – I hear the perks are lovely!

Spring & Summer Nail Shades

In Fashion, Trends on June 2, 2011 at 10:57 am

With trends like color blocking and bright palettes having made their way from the runway to our closets, this season’s nail colors are no different. The key is to think of your nail polish as an accessory. This includes tying it in with other accessories whenever possible.  Ultimately, you want to make a statement without going too far over the top. You may be thinking, “How can I pull that off?” Wonder no more! The nail colors pictured are from my personal collection and here are some ways to style the hottest brights:

Yellow: Match it with earth tones (brown, khaki, olive green), giving a burst of color to the safari look.

Green: Paired with shades of brown, camel, tan this is another color that compliments the safari look. If you prefer going in a lighter direction, pastel green is a bit more feminine and looks fab with gray.

Orange: Another warm color we’re seeing lots of this season and often deemed the hardest one to wear. It looks great with jeans and a simple top (think white, tan, gray, navy, even pink). If you’re not quite comfortable wearing a color that packs such a punch, try a coral instead.

Lilac: Not only can you wear this to soften black attire – blazers, suits and of course the LBD (little black dress), but it works with navy as well.

Hot Pink or Fuchsia: If you’re set on a more traditional pink shade opt for either of these with your dark ensembles. Both will also make your neutrals pop!

Pearl: This is the safe shade and the perfect match to an outfit full of floral or print as the subtle color and shine won’t take away from your look. Think of it just as the right pair of pearl – or diamond – stud earrings completing an outfit. Along with lilac, pearl is my favorite pick for the office, where bolder colors may not always be allowed.

Bright Blue or Turquoise: Neither can be beat when paired with neutrals or yellow! Not only is the bright blue festive, it brings a pop to the ever so popular nautical look. Turquoise combined with animal print is one of my personal favorites.

Bear in mind that all of these hues look lovely with classic white attire in the spring and summer. Sally Hansen, OPI, Chanel and Ulta brands are my top recommendations for long lasting color in a variety of shades. Caters to Our Health and Beauty Needs

In Events, Fashion, Trends, Updates on September 10, 2009 at 5:24 pm


Need a makeover, for your mind, body and soul?’s got it. The one-stop shop for all things beauty ~ and pretty! Pretty City provides its customers with the best beauty products for their budget–and they won’t recommend anything they haven’t tried themselves.

Its core values are: honesty, trust, glamour, abundance, women’s power, natural ability, passion for fun and commitment to charity. provides the best salon and spa facilities in your area, exclusive beauty events nationally, industry treatment trends for you to try, timely beauty news, and a chance to ask the experts about your beauty challenges.

Visit to get the most of your beauty experience, with just one click!

Thanks to for their participation in Fashion Week Tampa Bay!

Perfect accessory? Great summer skin!

In Fashion on July 11, 2009 at 5:37 pm

You want to feel fabulous in what you’re wearing? Well, having great skin is key! Having healthy skin that shines will brighten any outfit!

Below I have listed some easy ways to maintain healthy looking skin during the hot summer months.

olay touch of sunScreen against the sun

I get freckles so easily from the sun, so sunscreen is a must in my routine! Sun exposure can negatively impact your skin by causing wrinkles and adding sun damage. Using sunscreen daily is totally worth it to me to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. I’ve found an easier and cost effective option is to have a moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30.

My favorite is Olay Touch of Sun Daily UV Moisturizer, which can be purchased at any drugstore or

Wear stylish sunglasses

Sunglasses, cute to wear and a skin saver, too! Who would have guessed that wearing sunglasses can actually save your face from wrinkles! Without my sunglasses I always have to squint to see anything while being in the sun. Squinting caused by repetitive direct sunlight will make wrinkles appear and make you look much older. Who really wants wrinkles?


Dior Overshine Sunglasses

So fresh and so clean

This is an area I can improve in because the last thing I want to do is wash my face after a long night. Waking up to a messy face and make-up on the pillow isn’t neutthe prettiest thing either. It’s really important to wash your face every night before bed so your skin can repair itself throughout the night. Plus, you don’t want breakouts from oil produced during the night or your makeup clogging up your pores. Gross!

I use this Neutrogena product and love it! This acne wash keeps my skin fresh and smelling like grapefruit!

These summer skin care tips are simple to follow and the perfect accessory to any stylish outfit. Remember don’t let the clothes wear you… You wear the clothes and stay fabulous!

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