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Yoga for the body & mind

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I’m in quite a dilemma! It’s too hot outside to go running and I really want to have a fit body to show off at the beach. I don’t feel like sweating especially in Florida’s hot summer weather of 93 degrees on average. I know you are probably thinking “what about getting a gym membership?” Good news! There’s actually a way to save money and get fit in the comfort of your own home.

Yoga is fantastic for the body and mind! Practicing yoga again has made my body more flexible and strong. It’s a great way to be relaxed allowing you to reach your inner peace and radiant health. Yoga is a perfect way to end a stressful day at work.

The Yoga Poses below can help an individual attain a high level of self-awareness, balance, and strength. Try the yoga poses below and let me know how successful the yoga poses were for you!

1Begin with Corpse Pose (Savasana) The Corpse Yoga Pose is considered a classic relaxation technique. Rotate your legs in and out, and then let them fall gently out to the sides. Let your arms fall alongside your body and rotate the spine by turning your head from side to side to center it. After holding the pose for about 3-5 minutes, bend your knees and push yourself in a sitting position.


Double Leg Raises
A Double Leg Raise is raising both legs while lying face up on the floor. Make sure that the full length of your back is resting on the floor, and your shoulders and neck are relaxed so you fill the stretch.


Plough Pose (Halasana)

The Plough Pose benefits the thyroid gland and abdomen, eases tension in the shoulders and back, and reduces stress. Lie on your back with your arms lying above your head. Lift your hips off the floor and bring your legs up, over and beyond your head. Then lift your back and move your legs further beyond your head. Move your arms to the back to help support your body.


Crane Pose (Bakasana)
Develop your sense of balance, coordination and concentration and strengthen your arms, hands, shoulders, and abdominal muscles by doing a Crane Pose. Place your feet on the ground then lift your feet off the ground and keep your balance with your hands.

For more poses or videos on  the yoga poses, go to this website:

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Yoga can easily be done with just a yoga mat and some empty space. You might be surprised to learn that your body can actually do things you did not think possible. “The seven primary types of movements that your body can make through Yoga exercise are flexion, extension, hyperextension, abduction, adduction, rotation, and circumduction” according to ABC-of-Yoga. That means a stronger, more relaxed, more flexible and balanced body…that’s beach-ready!

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