Girl ‘Turbo’ Power

In Events, Fashion, Updates on March 27, 2010 at 8:16 am

Bringing the spice to the race track, Milka Duno, the first Latin American female driver ever to be classified as an “expert” adds chic style to the raceways.  As I spent some time with Milka at the IZOD Indy Car Series, she sported a white tank, denim jeans, a jeweled belt and Gucci boots. Can we say va-va-va-vrrooom stylista! On the track Milka feels that every part of her fire suit accessories are important, and off the track her number one must-have accessories are belts!

In addition to being one of the most successful female sports car racers in history, Milka is also a qualified Naval Engineer with four Master’s degrees in: Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Fishing and Aquaculture and Maritime Business. Talk about Girl Power!

She filmed her first major motion picture playing the role of race car driver, Kellie “Gearbox,” in the highly anticipated Speed Racer movie that is based on the 1960’s classic animated series.  The talent doesn’t stop there…she recently published her first bilingual kids book, “Go, Milka, Go!” . The book depicts her as a cartoon character teaching the importance of education to children of all ages.

Although Milka Duno wears many hats, on Sunday, Mar 28, 2010, during the IZOD Indy Car Series 2010 at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, the only head wear Milka will be sporting is her sassy helmet. “Go, Milka, Go!”

Milka Duno and me

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