You look a hot MESH!

In Fashion on June 22, 2009 at 12:57 am

Remember this guy?

Yea, remember how mesh was just so not happening? Well, American Apparel has been forging the way for the mesh comeback.

I was browsing through a fellow bloggers website when I was horrified to read about her purchase of mesh leggings from American Apparel.  I decided to check out American Apparels’ website and when I searched mesh, not one, but two pages of items showed up!

I mean is that material comfortable for you?  I know that perhaps I have been skeptical at first of certain trends, like leggings which I now love. But mesh? Is it just me or do you not have this image seared in your mind too?

Although I must say, Nini over at Nini’s style does rock the mesh to the fullest. So, maybe I shouldn’t write it off completely just yet?

Aside from Nini, another point for mesh is in the shoe dept. I am loving mesh in shoes! I fell in love with these Jeffrey Campbell darlings!

And these Stella McCartney creations that Mary Kate has been spotted wearing!

Will you be sporting mesh this season?

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