Your Perfect Bathing Suit Match

In Fashion on June 17, 2009 at 4:05 am

Bathing suit season is upon us, and our suits can be sexy, conservative, daring or charming…just like us! I thought it would be interesting to match bathing suits to personalities. People always say your own personal style can say a lot about who you are.

Read the description below the bathing suits to see if it matches your style!

black suit

Classy Lady

Wearing the simplest bikini in a solid white or black color is enough to embrace your smoky hot body. It matches your classy and flirty flair, while giving a fashionable, classic look. Of course you could add more flavor to your bathing suit look by adding gold or silver jewelry.

tropical 2

Fun, Tropical Island Girl

Imagine your perfect beach day…enjoying a margarita and a beautiful sunset. Life is good and you are certainly living it to the fullest! Having a bathing suit that fits your fun island style with palm trees, exotic birds or a tropical floral print is perfect for this summer! Wear a stylish straw hat and beaded jewelry to complete your look.

polka dots 2

Original Bombshell

Do Coco Chanel and Marilyn Moore inspire your style? You have a passion for vintage fashion that you have to show off even at the beach! A polka dot bathing suit matches your love for classic chic fashion, old romantic films, and the 1950s. Be extra girly by wearing a bathing suit with large pink, red or yellow polka dots. Finish your chic bathing suit look with a mock crococdile hat and amorous ring.

rockstar 2

Rock-n-Roll Style

Rock and roll isn’t just music; it’s about rocking your own personal style. Living each day to its fullest is important to you whether you’re enjoying a concert or at the beach with friends listening to Bob Marley. Wear a stars or wild animal print bikini to match your fun and sociable personality! A stylish pair of sunglasses would be great for your rock and roll style.


Surfer Chick

Adventure is your middle name! While some people like to relax at the beach, you’re the girl that’s surfing the waves or throwing a ball around. Any multicolor or striped bikini would be perfect for showing off your hot body and exciting life. Wear a stylish big beach bag from ROXY to hold your belongings while you carry your surf board.

All of these bathing suits can be found at

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