Shoulder Jewelry

In Fashion, Trends on July 12, 2010 at 2:16 am

There is nothing worse than when it comes to wearing a cami to show off your flirtatious shoulders but instead they are camouflaged by a bra strap. Especially if the bra strap isn’t the same color as the cami…yuck! You could just wear a strapless bra but I find a sense of security when my shoulders hold up my boulders, small boulders that is – tsk tsk.

Thanks to Cole Spencer, one of our very own Fashion Week Tampa Bay fans, I have been introduced to a new way to show off your shoulders without the shameful exposure of a plain, dull bra strap. Decorative bra straps! provides bra straps that are more like shoulder jewelry. Hand beaded straps that are durable along with jewelry straps such as a strap with pink roses and crystals can be paired with a pink cami to transform your outfit and look as if it’s a part of your shirt.

Not only are the straps trendy but they are functional as well. Now you can stop the slip-sliding straps from falling down by replacing them with a beaded, fabric or rhinestone strap. The decorative straps can be attached to any strapless or convertible bra.

Getting married soon or just know someone who is? even has bridal bra straps. Thanks, Cole for the fashion scoop!

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