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How To Keep (And Look) Cool In The Sun

In Fashion, Trends, Updates on June 20, 2016 at 8:02 am

If you’re in Florida right now, we’re going to guess that the sun has been beating you into a hot, sweaty pulp! And you probably find yourself searching aimlessly for that breeze when you step outside of your home!

Well, look no further. We can’t create wind, but Fashion Week Tampa Bay can help you stay breezy, work that frizz, and look as relaxed as the Florida palm trees.

First things first, remove all tight articles of clothing from your closet, drawers and mind for the foreseeable hot future.


Image by PDPics

Tank tops and shorts included! Though they seem like go-to articles of clothing, they will only make you hotter and sweat like a gruesome day in the gym.


Image by Janul, Creative Common License

Wear LOOSE clothing. The less fabric touching your skin, the cooler you will feel. If you can help it, wear cotton.


Image by Unsplash

Take full advantage of crop tops, bralettes and sport bras. If showing skin is not your thing, wear high waist shorts or a loose skirt.


Image by Lucy Burrows


Image by bohemianbikini

Skirts and maxi dresses give your skin breathing room. Pairing crop tops or bralettes with skirts or donning a maxi dress can give you a simple, very modern look.

14045759074_f07fc91111_bImage by Jamie

Rompers or short overalls can also help keep you cool. The trick is making sure the fabrics are lightweight like cotton or linen. Denim can absorb heat but a nice pair of overalls paired with a bralette or crop top will have you looking chic and Tampa Bay Fashion Week approved.

All women know what the sun can do to our tresses but in the name of Beyonce, we are going to take lemons and make lemonade. Wear hats, scarves or bandanas and style that frizz! Everyday looks can be made with baseball caps, just throw it on.

Images by Urszulam25 (Scarf 2, Scarf 3)

Creatively use scarves or bandanas to hold your hair off your neck. Use them as elastics to put your hair in a ponytail. Put your hair in a bun and wrap a scarf or bandana around your head or the bun. The hair accessories will give your outfit a little flair and let you show off your personality.

These tips will help you stay airy, breezy and easy. Try them and let us know if they worked for you.


~FWTB Stylista Jessica

Get Chic in Green!

In Fashion, Trends on March 17, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Today is St. Patrick’s Day aka the one day everyone is Irish, even if your dad is Italian and your mom is Indonesian… like me! Show your pride by looking chic in green! Here are some tips on putting together the perfect St. Patty’s Day outfit!

Jersey Gown $20 Old Navy

Green Velvet Dress

Of course, wearing green on St. Patty’s Day is a must…unless you like everyone pinching you because of your clothes. When you and the girls go out tonight, wear a long green spring gown or a short green velvet dress to really embrace your holiday spirit. Layering is a hot trend right now so finish your outfit with a beige cardigan.

Natural and simple colors like beige, brown and white work well with green. One of my favorite looks is the professional chic look of tweed bottoms. A pair of beige pants (perhaps tweed to dress it up) with brown heels and a green dressy shirt will look fabulous for St. Patty’s Day festivities!

Jessica Simpson Plum Bracelet $48 Macys

Since wearing green is the key feature to your St. Patty’s Day outfit, wear accessories that complement this earthy color. Stop the search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and try just wearing gold! However, I think the best way to really make your outfit pop is to wear accessories with the color burgundy or purple. Opposite colors on the color wheel will always make you look super stylish! If contrast isn’t your thing, cool it down with a hint of blue to match the earthy tone of green.

One last tip… mostly everyone will be wearing green today so make sure you’re giving a chic twist that stands out in a crowd of green! Have fun and let me know how your St. Patrick’s Day went!

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