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Conelly Cocktail: The Perfect Accessory

In Events, Fashion, Trends on September 24, 2010 at 4:22 pm

As we have all learned from over a decade of watching Sex and the City, no fashion event would be complete without the perfect, pretty cocktail.  From Fashion’s Night Out to the VIP Model Behavior Soiree and especially the runway shows, colorful liquids have always gone hand in hand (quite literally) with dazzling fashion.

A sponsor of Fashion Week Tampa Bay, Conelly Cocktails is to drinks as Audi is to cars.  A Conelly Cocktail is comprised of the perfect combination separated in two different cans.  One contains the exact measurement of spirits needed while the other provides a tasty fruit juice mixture.  Together the result is a high-end soiree for the mouth.

In delicious flavors such as Mai Tai, Planters Punch, Ladykiller, Sex on the Beach and Tequila Sunrise, a Conelly Cocktail served in a sparkling martini glass will prove the perfect accessory.  After all, it is called a “cocktail dress” for a reason.

Calling in an S.O.S

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on May 13, 2010 at 3:57 pm
Calling all fashionistas…This is a fashion emergency…the ladies from Sex and the City are heading to Morocco and need a ‘virtual’ stylist.
Fashion Week Tampa Bay is deporting some of our very own designers to rescue the girls. But…who wears what? Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Catrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) have a strong chemistry between each other on and off the set. However, their style is very different. This week the girls need a swimsuit and I know just the right match ‘virtually’ for them!
Carrie Bradshaw, not only lives for fashion but has even gone as far as buying Vogue instead of dinner. Although she cannot afford her “shopping addiction”, she is known for mixing vintage finds with high-end labels. Maybe to her, this justifies the high-end purchases by pairing it with a bargain deal…ugh..hmm…

By Adjanys Marrero

I have come across a swimsuit from designer Adjanys Marrero that would be a perfect match for the shoe-loving socialite. This vibrant black hand-crocheted swimsuit will allow Carrie to show off her fabulous abs in this two-piece suit.

Miranda Hobbes, the career-minded lawyer, has not only changed her cynical views on relationships and men-after getting married and having a baby in later episodes-but her masculine image has softened up as well and she will not be wearing a business suit to the beach this year.

By Trineice Cagua

I found a swimsuit that is the lucky winner for the power-dresser herself. A brown and white two-piece with a halter-top and criss-cross front and back straps that have a full-coverage bottom by designer Trineice Cagua of J Cagua. Miranda is definitely all about covering up!

The Park-Avenue Princess Charlotte is the most conservative and traditional one in the group. She will not be flaunting her ‘goodies’ that bring the boys to the yard. Instead she will be sporting a one piece swimsuit with minimal cut-outs on the side. Designed by the beautiful and talented Essence Flowers.

Remarquable designs by Essence

The most promiscuous one out of the group, Samantha will not have any problem ‘flaunting’ her goods. I found a swimsuit that screams sex-appeal. Designed by Adjanys Marrero, this coral one-piece will bring the Caribbean heat anywhere. However, the amount of cut-outs on this swimsuit clearly doesn’t classify it to be an actual one piece does it? Well, you will have to decide that for yourself!

By Adjanys Marrero

So this week’s fashion emergency is taken care of. However, we will be on call for the next fashion emergency!
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