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Spring & Summer Nail Shades

In Fashion, Trends on June 2, 2011 at 10:57 am

With trends like color blocking and bright palettes having made their way from the runway to our closets, this season’s nail colors are no different. The key is to think of your nail polish as an accessory. This includes tying it in with other accessories whenever possible.  Ultimately, you want to make a statement without going too far over the top. You may be thinking, “How can I pull that off?” Wonder no more! The nail colors pictured are from my personal collection and here are some ways to style the hottest brights:

Yellow: Match it with earth tones (brown, khaki, olive green), giving a burst of color to the safari look.

Green: Paired with shades of brown, camel, tan this is another color that compliments the safari look. If you prefer going in a lighter direction, pastel green is a bit more feminine and looks fab with gray.

Orange: Another warm color we’re seeing lots of this season and often deemed the hardest one to wear. It looks great with jeans and a simple top (think white, tan, gray, navy, even pink). If you’re not quite comfortable wearing a color that packs such a punch, try a coral instead.

Lilac: Not only can you wear this to soften black attire – blazers, suits and of course the LBD (little black dress), but it works with navy as well.

Hot Pink or Fuchsia: If you’re set on a more traditional pink shade opt for either of these with your dark ensembles. Both will also make your neutrals pop!

Pearl: This is the safe shade and the perfect match to an outfit full of floral or print as the subtle color and shine won’t take away from your look. Think of it just as the right pair of pearl – or diamond – stud earrings completing an outfit. Along with lilac, pearl is my favorite pick for the office, where bolder colors may not always be allowed.

Bright Blue or Turquoise: Neither can be beat when paired with neutrals or yellow! Not only is the bright blue festive, it brings a pop to the ever so popular nautical look. Turquoise combined with animal print is one of my personal favorites.

Bear in mind that all of these hues look lovely with classic white attire in the spring and summer. Sally Hansen, OPI, Chanel and Ulta brands are my top recommendations for long lasting color in a variety of shades.

Conelly Cocktail: The Perfect Accessory

In Events, Fashion, Trends on September 24, 2010 at 4:22 pm

As we have all learned from over a decade of watching Sex and the City, no fashion event would be complete without the perfect, pretty cocktail.  From Fashion’s Night Out to the VIP Model Behavior Soiree and especially the runway shows, colorful liquids have always gone hand in hand (quite literally) with dazzling fashion.

A sponsor of Fashion Week Tampa Bay, Conelly Cocktails is to drinks as Audi is to cars.  A Conelly Cocktail is comprised of the perfect combination separated in two different cans.  One contains the exact measurement of spirits needed while the other provides a tasty fruit juice mixture.  Together the result is a high-end soiree for the mouth.

In delicious flavors such as Mai Tai, Planters Punch, Ladykiller, Sex on the Beach and Tequila Sunrise, a Conelly Cocktail served in a sparkling martini glass will prove the perfect accessory.  After all, it is called a “cocktail dress” for a reason.

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