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In Fashion, Updates on September 15, 2010 at 2:34 pm

When it comes to being a fashion designer, creative passion, knowledge of the industry and design skills are necessary.  Having a wild imagination will also bring you far in this industry filled with “magic makers.” Everyone from the fashion show coordinators to the designers work magic in providing what the final eye sees. So how do you learn these design skills? Let me tell you… trying to teach yourself how to sew isn’t easy! Are designers born with fashion design skill? Doubtful unless you are the great Coco Chanel! What do talented fashion designers like Essence Flowers and Nina Verklas have in common? They are both successful graduates from International Academy of Design and Technology!

International Academy of Design and Technology has several campus locations throughout the U.S. including Tampa (of course), Chicago, Las Vegas, Sacramento and more. You can even attend “The Academy” while being home in your pajamas – online! The design college locations like Tampa focus on helping students acquire innovative design and technology skills while they pursue their dream career. One of the Tampa’s instructors, Terri Funaro is one of our Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 designers. International Academy of Design and Technology help students transform their passions and creative ideas into an interesting, in-demand career. Fashion design is only one of the many appealing degree programs. The Academy offers degrees in interior design, graphic design, animation, audio production, fashion merchandising, professional photography, advertising design, game production, digital media production, building information modeling and post production.

A school that focuses on transforming students’ creative passions into careers is nothing less than perfect for sponsoring our fashionable event. We are proud to have International Academy of Design and Technology as a Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010 sponsor!

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