Va Va Voom Your Look with VA Cosmetics

In Events, Fashion, Trends on September 20, 2010 at 12:51 pm

No chemicals… no dyes… and no preservatives. It’s taking over the beauty industry faster than the speed of light (exaggeration much.. but you get it). It’s called “mineral makeup” – cosmetic products made of all natural, finely ground minerals from the earth. Unlike traditional makeup, it’s all natural baby! If you haven’t updated your makeup to mineral makeup yet, then it’s time to va va voom your look, ladies -Va Yourself!

Skin care educator and creator of VA Cosmetics, Sneha Dixit has been committed to sharing her professional makeup expertise with women for years. Sneha has taught many women an efficient approach to applying makeup and having a natural flawless makeup look. In addition to providing useful beauty information about keeping your makeup bag tidy and clutter free. We women will clean our bags thoroughly every week or two but wouldn’t it be more practical to simply keep our bags (including our makeup bags) sparkling clean all the time? The key to having your bag sparkling clean is quality not quantity! It’s better to have the essentials instead of the unnecessary.

VA Yourself Cosmetics offers high pigment, long-lasting colors based on a beautiful palette. To keep harmony with nature, they create healthy mineral makeup and paraben-free lip shines. Their products make creating a gorgeous look so easy while enhancing your natural inner and outer beauty. They carry a great variety of different lipstick colors. Perfect, since I always carry three or four different ones at once. My outfits and mood usually determine my lip color though, lately it’s either a refreshing, fashionable nude lip color or fierce wildfire red lips. The VA nude shimmer lip shine will be added to my makeup bag in no time. I love how their nude shimmer will create the illusion of fuller lips. You can purchase Sneha’s products on the VA Cosmetics website or during any of her personal makeup and skin care lessons that are held throughout the year.

Be refreshed… be beautiful… and be ready to va va voom your look with VA Cosmetics! The perfect way to look fabulous for Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2010!

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