Experience the Couture Movement: Essence Flowers

In Designers on September 6, 2010 at 6:15 pm

How do you introduce a designer who needs no introduction due to all of her success in fashion? Let’s see… Ladies and GentlemanBoys and Girls… I present to you… the incredible and magnificent, Essence Flowers!

Fashion designer, Essence Flowers has put an amazing show on year after year at Fashion Week Tampa Bay. She creates magnificent pieces of art and luckily for us, these pieces of artwork aren’t plastered to a wall. They are wearable, touchable, irresistible and fashion-live-feel-loveable… the list goes on and on. She designs gorgeous couture gowns that are artistic and classy with a hint of sex appeal. In addition to the following: wedding dresses, formal wear, swim suits and accessories.  Parisian and Italian runways wouldn’t be able to ignore her breathtaking high fashion style! I truly feel like a fat kid with cake looking at her gowns. I fall in love with one piece and instantaneously want seconds!

After graduating from Tampa’s International Academy of Design and Technology, Essence has been very successful with pursing her passion for fashion career. She’s a consultant in Tampa, a buyer in St. Petersburg, a Pre-Fashion Week participant in New York City and a force behind an up and coming label in Atlanta. This talented couture designer has created magnificent pieces of art that have inspired cultures, communities, fashion lovers and critics. Her remarkable designs have been in local charity shows, fashion shows and lavish red carpet events. Fabulous celebrities have worn her clothes including the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders. Essence designed the cheerleaders’ bathing suits for the 2010 Buccaneer Cheerleader calendar – each month contains a spirited girl looking fashionably sexy worthy of any swimsuit calendar! Congrats Essence on doing such a great job!

This will be Essence Flowers’ third year with Fashion Week Tampa Bay. Fashion is definitely her calling! Everyone including the casual eye along the runway will see this young talent’s artistic brilliance and experience the couture movement that is Essence Flowers.

  1. Essence is amazing…. such a great eye for detail and such a down-to-earth person. I’ve been working with her on various projects since May and I can’t get enough! She is definitely a force to reckon with!!!

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