Runway Review

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Updates on October 2, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Essence Flowers

Flowers are usually associated with romance and what’s more romantic than a wedding? Well, Essence Flowers’ collection was a mix and match made in heaven. A edgy elegance made up of gorgeous feminine pieces paired with rebellious music from Marilyn Manson –“Sweet Dreams.” They have always said that opposites attract! The Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders worked the runway and posed in puppet like positions at the end. In addition to wearing white bridal hats, goddess gowns and girly form-fitting pieces with a soft color palate of pink, white, camel and gray.

Kimberly Hendrix

Her Spring/Summer 2011 Collection contained the most glamorous shipwreck outfits ever. All of the metallic, glitter, silver and gold made it feel like we were stranded on Treasure Island. However, the triangular shapes and unique angles in her pieces reminded me of Tinker Bell so maybe our ship wrecked on Never Ever Land. Overall Kimberly Hendrix created a collection that would satisfy sexy furious women and fantasy fever women. The models worked the runway in black heels and matching black angle socks. In addition, the models were wearing embroidery pieces that were emphasized at the top or bottom of the outfit. All pieces are vintage inspired and handmade by Kimberly herself.

Terri Funaro

“Uptown girl living in an uptown world.” Terri’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection will soon be in every classy fashionistas closet living in the Upper East Side (and living in Tampa Bay). Each piece would be flitting for every girl attending a formal event or a cocktail soiree. The collection was very well made with each piece containing a “wow” detail like a lace neckline on a gorgeous gown. The wedding gowns were breathtaking! Everyone fell in love with her wedding gowns. I heard cheering, applauding and positive chit-chat all across the tent.

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