Seven Investment Pieces Worth the Splurge

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on August 6, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Ahh, shopping… any fashion lover’s favorite pastime! So it is no surprise if, like me, you find yourselves asking that age-old question… “To buy? Or not to buy?” I’m talking about that inner struggle you experience when you find that amazing pair of black patent leather pumps you’ve been eying, but know that you could find a more modestly priced dupe at the mall discount store. Is it really worth the splurge? Well, in some cases it definitely is.

One thing many fashion gurus would agree on is the importance of knowing your investment pieces – wardrobe pieces which require a little bit of a splurge, but actually pay off in the end. To make things easier on you, this list will show you which items are worth saving up for – think quality, not quantity!


The little black dress is usually a staple in every girl’s closet.  It is the perfect go-to outfit for everything from girl’s night out to date night! Take some inspiration from Coco Chanel, who never underestimated the power and elegance of the LBD. You won’t regret digging a little deeper in your wallet for this dress – it’s a classic that will probably never go out of style.




Yet another classic – timepieces practically scream success and style. They add a touch of class to any outfit and are fool-proof accessories. Some quality timepieces can actually increase in value over the years! So don’t feel guilty for splurging a little on an elegant watch… it’s an investment you will be happy you made for years to come!

Michael Kors



Over the years there have been so many jean trends that it’s hard to keep track… and not all of these trends have been good ones, yikes! So while it may be tempting to go pick up a few pairs of the latest trending jeans, don’t! Instead, invest that money in a quality pair of classic dark denim jeans. Higher quality denim will last for many years when cared for properly; they won’t fade or lose their shape nearly as fast as lower quality denim!

7 For All Mankind, The Skinny in Nouveau New York Dark, nouveaunyd, Womens : Denim : Basics, AU015043A

7 For All Mankind, The Skinny in Nouveau New York Dark



A perfectly tailored blazer simply radiates success and confidence. Rocking one is the perfect way to command respect and attention on that upcoming job interview or important meeting! Go ahead and splurge a little on a blazer, it is another wardrobe staple that won’t be going out of style any time soon. Blazers can also transform into a classy night outfit! Throw one over your LBD and you’re sure to feel, and look, like a star.




Many would say that the right pair of shoes ties your outfit together. So, what better way to go than with a classic pair of black or red pumps? Pumps bring the perfect balance of class and sex appeal to any outfit. Investing on a quality pair will ensure that you can rock them again and again.

Christian Louboutin



Bras can make or break an outfit. A bad bra can make your outfit appear sloppy or ill-fitting, while the right bra will complement your shape and even give you a little confidence boost! It is also important to be fitted for the perfect bra. Many great lingerie stores provide fittings free of charge! Your favorite bra may not be cheap, but it will be well worth it… Having the right fit will make you feel and look even unbelievable!

Dream Angels Demi Bra

Victoria’s Secret, Dream Angels Demi Bra



Let’s face it ladies, most of us cannot leave the house without a tote or handbag to haul around our makeup, wallet and other essentials. So, why not make the investment in a designer handbag that will remain stylish for years to come? Just like watches, many designer handbags increase in value over the years! You will be happy you made the investment on an item that you will use daily for years to come, not to mention beam with pride after all the compliments you’ll receive!

Dolce Gabbana



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