Heal Your Hair

In Events, Trends on September 2, 2010 at 2:22 am

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about when your hair was a virgin? That is, to hair color. After years of coloring your hair and other chemical services your hair has experienced, the nutrients have washed away, likely leaving your hair feeling dry and dull. That’s why Heal5ium, a sponsor of Fashion Week Tampa Bay, has created an extraordinary professional hair care product that will heal, treat, sooth, repair and nourish your “experienced” hair.

Heal5ium makes professional hair care science both beautiful and beneficial by infusing their products with 25 natural healing and soothing ingredients.  The products are made up of ingredients like soy, sea kelp, grape seed extract, marigold extract and rice bran oil, just to name a few. Natural blends are vital in maintaining a healthier hair and scalp. The line consists of shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products that all encompass the same common goal, to heal.  Heal5ium features 5 exclusive complexes of hydration, proteins, oils, amino acids, and vitamins.

Perhaps you find yourself unsure as to why protein or hydrating the hair is so important to healthy, smooth hair. The protein ingredient within the Heal5ium products will help smooth the hair and strengthen as well. Other ingredients like amino acids help improve blood circulation in the scalp.

Although there are 25 natural ingredients in every product, using this product will not create residue or unwanted product build up. Each product is lightweight and water-soluble. The ingredients are also combined with React Technology to replenish hair’s nutritional needs.

Peroxide developers in chemical services, such as, coloring, highlighting, and relaxers cause the most cuticle damage to your hair. Therefore, the React Technology in the Heal5ium shampoo’s are based on which peroxide develop group volume was used in your service. If you are unsure what peroxide was used on your hair, consult your hair stylist.

Conditioners are formulated to cater to your hair’s quality, hydrating and strengthening when nutrients are conditioned into the hair shaft then into the scalp. The products are reasonably priced averaging $25 a bottle. For a professional product this is a great price where other professional hair care products average $38.

So ladies and gents, as you get ready for the Fashion Week Tampa Bay festivities and your treated hair is feeling mistreated, rescue it with Heal5ium professional hair care products to put the nutrients back into those lovely locks.

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