Share Your Wear: Real Runway Moments

In Fashion, Updates on August 25, 2010 at 10:12 pm

When shopping for the perfect dress to wear to an upcoming black tie affair or the best birthday suit ever, we tend to bring our girlfriends with us for their feedback while turning the dressing room into a consultation area. Modern-day shopping is commonly done virtually and usually solo nowadays. That’s why has launched Real Moments and a Product Review Tab on their website so that women can virtually share their feedback on their purchase.

Real Moments is a video testimonials page where users have the ability to upload video feedback. Women can share their personal experiences on  how the size fits and the process of renting the runway.

The Product Review Tab allows users to share their comments about a particular product, including how the dress fit and if they’d recommend the product to others. Shoppers are also given the option to choose their height and body type so women can compare to similar body types. What body type are you? Hourglass? Pear-shaped?  Full bust? Slender? Share it on!

Real Runway Moments will make the online shopping experience as similar as possible to the in-store shopping experience, allowing shoppers to interact virtually through video and the Product Review Tabs. So ladies, after renting that perfect dress for your next upcoming event (maybe Fashion Week Tampa Bay?)  share your picks with your virtual girlfriends.

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