My Birthday Suit

In Fashion on August 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Ah… I have finally reached the biggest milestone in my early 20s (well, besides graduating with my marketing degree), I’m finally 21 years old!!! During these past 21 years, I have grown dramatically BY becoming wiser, more knowledgeable and mature. Even my style has matured! Obviously my elementary school outfits are much different from today’s fashionable outfits that I put together without mommy’s approval. However, when comparing my style from high school to now … Oh! What a difference! How has my style matured since high school? I dress like a young lady with a more professional, classy and better body fitting look. The skirts are longer, the t-shirts transformed into blouses and the heels became taller (and more painful). My sophisticated young lady look still incorporates my fun and artistic flair. I’ll always love wearing a lot of interesting and big jewelry that can make the outfit!

My birthday suit was perfect for such a special night, and my age! Thanks to Express, I wore the sexiest white and hunter green floral blouse with gold chain straps. Then matched it with a high wasted black pencil skirt, turquoise ring and a black leather clutch with studs. I could die over my birthday heels – the prettiest glitter Guess heels in the world! Pretty and glitter are usually the last thing I look for in heels. It’s more like hard, fierce rocker shoes that somehow have a feminine touch. Most of the time, glitter looks cheap but these heels have an expensive look and price. Is there anything better than glitter for a birthday girl?

What makes a fabulous birthday suit? Here’s some advice on putting together yours! Wear something that makes you feel super confident and subtly sexy. Show off your favorite area of your body like your legs. Stay true to your personal style and wear a piece that pops. For instance, well-made glitter heels! More importantly – be in love with your birthday suit and have a great one!

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