The Vest is Back!

In Fashion, Trends on June 18, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Back during the time of victorious men, such as, Napoleon Bonaparte and King George III, it was mandatory for men to follow strict guidelines when it came to dress. Over the years, the rules have been broken, stepped on and revamped into a not so complex standard. Yes, if you work in the corporate world then chances are you will be required to wear a business suit. However, compared to a suit worn during the Empire time versus now, there has been quite a bit of change.

In the 1800s, men got up for work everyday and put on their pantaloons, cravats, an overcoat and a waistcoat, known as a vest. Through time, pants have become more tailored. Cravats have turned into neck ties. Overcoats are not as heavy and the vest has been omitted.

Until now…the vest is back! The hottest new trend for any male dandy is a single-breasted vest. It shows swag and confidence that is needed in any business office. Not only is the vest being worn to complete a 3pc suit, but it is also being worn casually, too. Men are wearing a vest over a casual t-shirt with a pair of jeans. I have seen men wearing vest in all kinds of places like nightclubs and restaurants. See the rules have been completely broken now.

So gentlemen, turn your two piece into a three and give yourself that empire flair. You can wear a vest either day or night, business meeting or out on the town. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing pocket watches come back…not a bad idea, huh?

  1. Pocket watches have already made a come back a few years ago following the ‘steam punk’ trend. Pilgrim style hats are all the rage in the indie market now. I’ve always liked a vest on a man! I perfer them to be worn with a sportcoat or suit jacket but kudos to any man brave enough to wear one anyway! Like the article!

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