The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dad!

In Designers, Fashion, Trends, Updates on June 15, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Although men are considered ‘simple-shoppers’, it can become challenging when trying to find the perfect gift for them. So buying for dad this Father’s Day may be a bit difficult. Have no fear! I have the answer to the riddle: What to buy dad?

If your dad is anything like mine, when he wants something he goes out and gets it himself leaving very few options of gift choices for him when the holidays come around. Very frustrating! I’ve tried giving dad gift cards to typical “macho” stores  like Home Depot and Auto Zone. He ends up giving them away to one of my brothers or sisters or buys something for one of us with it. So I am giving up on gift cards for dad and moving towards something I know best…clothes!

After years of working in the retail world I have noticed that men will purchase tools and electronics before they would buy a t-shirt. So, lets help dad out this Father’s Day and get him in some new gear! Clothing can become tricky at times when buying for someone else so keep in mind a few things when shopping for your daddy.

First, jeans are difficult to buy for someone without having them actually try them on. The sizing fluctuates from different brands and different cuts. I wouldn’t put jeans at the top of your list. You can’t go wrong with a casual t-shirt from Ralph Lauren or Old Navy. If you want to get pops a more dressier look, the Burberry Golf Collection has fabulous collared shirts. Keep in mind they run small in size. Also, hard-working dads may want to relax on the weekends and watch some sports. So getting dad his favorite sports jersey will make him feel a part of the team.

When shopping for dad this holiday, consider getting him some new clothes. A nice t-shirt or a team jersey would be a perfect gift. Let’s face it, dad doesn’t want another coffee mug with your mug on it. Happy Shopping!

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