Fashion Review: Sex and the City 2

In Events, Fashion, Updates on May 28, 2010 at 10:10 am

After Fashion Week Tampa Bay’s pre-party and drooling over all the fabulous clothes at Saks Fifth Avenue, I eagerly walked to the movie theater in my little black dress and pumps to watch Sex and the City 2. I was so ready!! The Sex and the City girls always have superior style thanks to New York Stylist, Patricia Field. She made sure that the clothes in Sex and the City 2 played almost as big a role as Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. She has succeeded once again! There is so much fashion to cover from this movie so I’m going to focus on the trends that stood out to me most.

The movie cleverly starts with an 80’s throw back of each girl. It brought smiles and laughter out of everyone in the theater. The outrageous 80’s outfits were hilariously over the top and the Sex and the City memories behind each one made them even better. The girls showed off their glamorous side with a ton of gold and silver accessories! Who can forget Samantha’s silver studded shoulder pads during their singing performance in Abu Dhabi.

The clothes worn in Abu Dhabi were very different from New York City. The main reason you may ask… 1) It’s the desert and 2) Avoid bursting into flames! They mostly wore light fabrics that flow like chiffon and silk. Shoulders were totally uncovered in Abu Dhabi with one sleeve, no sleeves and strap less tops. The beautiful dresses made the girls look like goddesses and what’s a goddess without her gems? Oh yes! Breathtaking bold necklaces matched with their simple colorful dresses!

I was saving the best for last! I absolutely love Carrie’s dress she wore to dinner with her ex fiancé, Aidan Shaw. Every girl knows you must look fantastic when seeing an ex! If you’re going to play with fire… look HOT!

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