Stylish Baby Calls for a Stylish Binkie

In Fashion on July 9, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Droolicious! What is juicier to a baby then their pacifier? Juicy Couture totally gets it! I don’t have kids yet but I love these adorable binkies! Would you pay a little extra for your baby’s pacifier to be juicy and not dry?

Seriously, the absence of a baby’s pacifier can cause a rainy storm of tears and screaming. Any mother (and person within earshot) should agree that cranky baby is the last thing we want and any fashionable mother will agree that an important baby accessory should be stylish.

Available at Neiman Marcus, Juicy Couture pacifiers come in styles for sweet baby girls and handsome baby boys. The binkies in the girl set are so cute and have cute sayings like, “Hello Juicy World” and “Love Love Juicy,” and they’re pink, of course. The set of three Juicy pacifiers come in an adorable pink heart box and retail for around $48.

juicy pacifier

juicy pac girl

The baby boys can also enjoy fashionable Juicy pacifiers that say “Love Metal” and “Bad Boy,” and these are conveniently supplied in blue and orange. This set is also around $48 and comes in a black Juicy Couture box.

juicy pac boy 2

juicy pac boy

So you think these Juicy pacifiers will keep a baby smiling…and stylin’? Are they worth it?

To purchase these lovable Juicy Couture pacifiers, go to or

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