Style in the Kitchen!

In Fashion on July 8, 2009 at 3:54 am

Working off a tip from a fellow fashionista, I became aware of an adorable company called Couture Caviar.

Lisa Garza is the founder of Couture Caviar.  Her love of vintage aprons began as a child and as her collection grew, so did her inspiration to start her own line. Here are some of her aprons:




The femine touches mixed with the vintage style have got me thinking Desperate Housewife in the kitchen!

The Couture Caviar website is currently undergoing a makeover, but be sure to check back on the site to see more of her work.

Another company that sells you stylish aprons is Aprons By Dee. This company has a larger selection of different styles in a wide variety of patterns and colors.  The website introduces the line as “where fun and function come together.”

Here are some examples:

The Dani

The Deanna.

The Teya

This next one is my absolute favorite! It makes me think of  old school candy shops!

The Tara.

The website has a few styles on sale right now, and you can browse through all the other styles or purchase at :

  1. Just the other day I was talking about how it’d be cool to butcher a normal apron and make it look pretty. But now, why not just buy one from these designers? Thanks for the tip!


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