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Prada, excuse me, but I can see your…

In Fashion, Trends on June 10, 2010 at 4:25 am

Whole life! My bag holds my life! What an understatement though… This precious part of my life is usually a hot mess inside until I’m switching bags to better match my outfit… then I’ll clean out items like empty lipstick tubes and old crumpled receipts of past purchases. Similar to our lives, inside our bag contains multiple factors whether their mysterious, fabulous or simply functional. So the question is: Would you show off what’s inside your bag or keep it a mystery?

This Prada clear vinyl bag from their 2010 Spring Collection caught my attention. First off – come on Prada, I love you but who would honestly want a clear bag for everyday life? The whole world will see right through your bag. Receipts, tampons and other feminine products! Oh my! Therefore, having a clear bag will cause more stress on appearance. You’ll have to keep the inside of your bag tidy at all times which isn’t easy with a busy schedule. You’ll probably worry about only having fabulous items in your bag that are worth showing off. However, daily life won’t allow you to avoid having not so worthy items like tampons and messy crumpled receipts so what do you do? You’ll have to find a way to hide those items like having a small clutch inside your clear bag. Talk about unnecessary stress! Isn’t our bag supposed to make life easier by holding our things? Bottom line – a clear bag doesn’t work for my everyday life.

Gorgeous Kate Spade classic box shape bags – love! Show stopping bags that make a unique and bold statement like Diane Von Furstenberg or Betsy Johnson’s bags – yes, please! Clear vinyl bags that reveal all – I’ll pass! Just like the classy and glamorous ladies of the old black and white films, mysterious women are sexy. “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” – Neil Armstrong.

Unlike my personable items in my bag, I’ve shared my thoughts on the Prada clear vinyl bag. It’s apparent that this bag caught my attention…clearly. It made me wonder why someone may use a clear bag for everyday use, and who would use the bag…would you? If so, why and which fabulous items would you proudly show off to the world?

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