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A.P.M. Images Hits The Runway

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Tampa Bay Fashion Week is thrilled to welcome back Audrey “Pat” McGhee, CEO of A.P.M. Images, as one of this year’s featured designers. Her urban couture women’s line is designed for those who want to blend boldness with feminine beauty. With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Pat uses her God-given gifts to work with women from their most extraordinary or nominal points in life and everywhere in between.

In addition to creating fabulous ensembles, Ms. McGhee also serves as the Fashion Editor for Power Broker Magazine in addition to volunteering her time to the community working with youth and being involved in service projects.

Pat’s talent is the fashionable inspiration for trendsetters as well as movers and shakers who are looking for unique, classy appeal. With focus on individual body size, and specifically honed in on the difficult to find forgotten sizes (12-24), her designs appeal to the everyday woman. After many previous runway hits at Tampa Bay Fashion Week, we are eagerly anticipating what’s yet to come!

APM Images by Audrey “Pat” McGhee

In Designers, Fashion, Updates on September 10, 2009 at 4:44 am

Meet Audrey “Pat” McGhee, the genius behind the exotic, innovative, and elegant designs of APM Images.

APM Images is an urban couture label for the mature woman, who is the epitome of confidence, mixed with feminine flair.


The line is designed for a myriad of women in all shapes in sizes from size 6 to 24, and in various stages of their lives. Pat has channeled her 20 years of industry experience to provide makeovers for bridal parties, women with life-changing illnesses who desire a fresh start, women who want a new look for their work wardrobe, and more.

“This is my second year participating in Tampa Bay Fashion Week. The event is a wonderful opportunity for designers, and the staff is not only helpful, but a pleasure to work with,” said Pat of her second year with Fashion Week Tampa Bay. “I look forward to showcasing my new collection, seeing friends, networking with others, as well as new experiences and opportunities that will come my way.”

Look for the latest APM Images collection on Fashion Week Tampa Bay’s 2009 runway, for Pat McGhee’s immaculate, one-of-a-kind designs!

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