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Her Candle Remains

In Designers, Fashion on August 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm

There would be no fashion evolution without inspiration.  While designers may look to architecture, art and even nature, what will inspire the rest of us?  Fashion icons have existed throughout history, from Marie Antoinette to Lady GaGa.  Amongst them all, my personal favorite and most deserving of the title will always be Marilyn Monroe.  From simple accessories to sequined gowns, it would be hard to find a piece of fashion that does not include a piece of her soul.

The other day I came across a fashion editorial in which the lovely model wore some embellished Cat’s Eye glasses.  Where had I seen them before?  Marilyn wore them ever so perfectly in “How to Marry a Millionaire“.  Appearing innocently sexy in the twinkling glasses, today’s designers clearly took some notes.

Remember that sheer Versace gown that put Jennifer Lopez on the map?  The fabric may have been different, but the low-cut front certainly seems familiar.  Marilyn was a vision in gold, clearly setting the standard for revealing evening wear.

As if subtle inspiration were not enough, Dolce & Gabbana built an entire collection around the star for Fall 2009.  Showcasing the beautiful face across white silk, the collection served as a breathtaking tribute.

With so many endless possibilities, why not breathe a little Marilyn into your wardrobe?  Contrary to pop music, her candle will never burn out.

All About the Shoulder

In Fashion, Trends on July 29, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Summer fashion is all about showing a little skin.  However, we do not all have to flaunt “daisy dukes with bikinis on top” to accomplish this.  With still plenty of time to try some fabulous summer threads, there is a slightly modest, yet still sexy way of showing off your most glowing asset.

The one-shoulder look is certainly not a new idea.  In fact, one could even argue that inspiration was born as early as Marilyn Monroe as she often posed in a seductive manner with her top pulled down on one shoulder.  For Summer 2010, the look has taken on a whole new approach to glamour.

The always fun and youthful brand, Arden B is all over this trend with a romantic top with smocked hem and tiered side ruffle.  The neckline curves beautifully away from one shoulder, providing a perfect amount of sex appeal for this flirty summer top.

Meanwhile, for a more upscale look, the land of Marchesa is always blooming with endless possibilities. This brilliant blue mini dress offers intrigue and beauty with intricately designed texture over tightly wrapped silk.  The sculpted bust reveals a perfect, sexy shape for one exceptional night.

Whether headed to a club or fabulous charity event, there is absolutely a dazzling one shoulder piece that must be worn.  Make the most of your summer and let that shoulder go!

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