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A Girl’s “New” Best Friend!

In Fashion, Trends, Updates on July 27, 2010 at 1:50 am

It has been agreed upon that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The luxurious effect a diamond has once brushed across your collar-bone, or coasted down your finger -preferably by a handsome prince-  it sparkles in your eyes to enhance the reason why it is wonderful to be a women, despite pregnancy, cramping, and menstrual mood-swings. However, over time women have befriended more than just a diamond. Shoes, the little black dress and the handbag. I refer to my handbag as my first aid kit. Not because I have everything from a nail file to pens to a phone charger in it, but because without my handbag I feel as if I forgot to put on a vital piece of clothing before leaving the house. A handbag is #3 on my list of things mandatory to wear, after a bra and panties. That’s how much I rely on my handbag and I’ve met alot of women that feel the same way as I do.

This is why when I came across the ultimate diamond house and found out that they added a new friend to the group, I had to share it with all the Fashion Week Tampa Bay friends. Tiffany & Co. has handbags!

I know…same reaction I had- grin from ear to ear and loud shouts like I won the lottery.

The handbag collection is designed by Elsa Peretti, an Italian jewelry designer. She is known for the infamous ‘tear drop’ necklace at Tiffany & Co. She has incorporated timeless Tiffany pieces that are reincarnated as chain handles on evening bags, a crystal-bow brooch is brought back to life as a motif on a clutch and a six-prong engagement ring setting is the basis for a twist-lock clasp…I do!

The enticement of the handbags trimmings doesn’t stop there. The soft color palette, which portrays rich jewel tones like garnet and violet,  also offers neutral tones like black pearl and camel stones that will pair well with many eveningwear pieces.

I don’t recommend sporting this handbag while shopping at the mall with your girlfriends. This handbag is definitely an exclusive item in your closet and should only be taken out on special occasions. However, they offer a few casual handbags such as a backpack and a shopper tote.

Thank you Tiffany’s for catering to every woman’s needs!

To see the full collection, visit

The Hippie-Chick Handbag

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on April 27, 2010 at 2:27 am

After the spring showers will come the May flowers. But before the flowers arrive let’s refresh our handbag collection with some sunshine! The Tie-Dye handbag. Yes, tie dye! Along with other trends from the 60’s, such as patterned pantyhose and flat boots, tie-dye is the handbag color of the season.

Rebecca Minkoff

The multiple colors within a traditional tie-dye print allows you to have more options when choosing a handbag that matches your outfit. Who doesn’t love more options? As long as one color in the handbag matches the way you’re dressed then you’re golden.  The tie-dye handbag is offered in many color palettes, fabrics, and trimmings. Derek Lam uses natural hues in its Nadia Hobo bag. This bag will go great for lunch with the girls after a day of shopping at the mall.


Nordstrom, what I like to call Nordie’s, has a great selection of tie-dye handbags this season. Designers like Be & D, Kooba and Rebecca Minkoff feature soft color palettes that will give any look a more feminine feel.  But it doesn’t stop there…these handbags come in cotton and here’s the spin, they also come in leather! Yes, you heard me correctly, leather for spring! What’s next fur in bathing suits? Ugh…hope not, but in the world of fashion, the sky is the limit.

So as you do some spring cleaning to your wardrobe, add some ‘flower power’ to your handbag collection with this season’s must have color palette: Tie-Dye!

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