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Why Should I Attend Tampa Bay Fashion Week?

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FWTBTampa Bay Fashion Week (which we also refer to as: Fashion Week Tampa Bay, cause we like to switch it up sometimes!) is a week-long event where people from all over the Southeast region come to Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater,  to be submerged in style, beauty, aesthetic, and art via fashion. (Some years our event has attracted people from all over the country like Miami and Portland, OR; or the world – last year we had a designer from Cuba!)

The team behind Tampa Bay Fashion Week, including designers, brands, sponsors, models, volunteers, and more, all work with one another to put together a great show and week of events, and positively impact both the fashion and Tampa Bay communities.

It’s important for those who are interested in the industry to learn how to operate in the fashion space and take advantage of opportunities like Fashion Week. Patrons can network with designers and purchase one-of-a-kind creations; and aspiring fashion designers, buyers, stylists and business professionals, as well as students, can connect with Tampa Bay’s movers and shakers. Those already active in the industry can exchange tips with one another and collaborate.

And let’s face, we all we want to be inspired! No, we are not all going to run to the sewing machine after attending Tampa Bay Fashion Week (due to lack of a sewing machine and those necessary sewing skills), but we will be able to take and combine ideas on the runway with what’s in our closets to create high fashion attire out of our own wardrobes. We may also purchase pieces from the runway to add to our wardrobe. Plus, we’ll see attendees in their best gear, too! Basically street style x1000 because there are so many different looks contained in one space, purely for our enjoyment and shopping pleasure!

Many of our designers have e-stores, which make it convenient to (literally) buy an outfit off the runway. Or, if you aren’t able to catch the name of the designer that caught your eye, take a quick pic. With the use of fashion app, MeSpoke, attendees can use that picture to ID clothing they like and find out where they can purchase the item.

One of the best benefits of all in attending is the community impact. Each year we select non-profit organizations as beneficiaries and this year we’ve partnered with PACE Pinellas for a supplies/toiletries drive on Friday, Sept. 23, 2016 and Dress for Success Tampa Bay, where we’ll host a Purse Drive, on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016.

And none of this would be possible without our fantastic sponsors! International Plaza and Bay Street is our 2016 Trendsetter Sponsor and also host to our main runway shows on Friday, Sept. 23 and Saturday, Sept. 24. Additional sponsors this year include: J Thor Productions, Sanford Brown IADT School of Design, New Identities, White Book Agency, tbt*, Sprinkles, 83 Degrees, Tampa Downtown Partnership, The Hideaway, Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, Elli Quark, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Fashion United, Glazer Children’s Museum, Fashion Week Web, Working Women of Tampa Bay, and Vertical Tampa Bay.

Peep our schedule of events here and we look forward to seeing you at Tampa Bay Fashion Week!



Can We Get A Drumroll, Please?

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Trends, Updates on August 25, 2016 at 4:48 am

And a couple of French horns!

Allow us to introduce you to the designers who will be claiming the runway and spotlight at Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2016!

ECR designs

Elizabeth Carson Racker Designs

Elizabeth Carson Racker, Tampa Bay Fashion Week alum, designs for the modern everyday woman. Her colorful, patterned designs reflect the multitude of influences that color her life everyday. Recognized by tastemakers such as Andre Leon Talley and David Rodriguez, we’re looking forward to seeing her at this year’s show.


Floridita by Charlotte Marin

Floridita by Charlotte Marin, a Latin American swimwear, resort wear and accessory line was made to bring out your inner mermaid. Designs consist of bright patterns, custom embellishments and intricate embroidery to make wearers of Floridita feel unique. Each piece helps support and empowers single, working mothers who have been victims of violence and war. We’re excited to have this brand, that is making a difference, in the fashion week spotlight.


Madame Adassa by Marsha Vacirca

Marsha Vacirca’s Madame Adassa line was created to evoke the natural sensuality and confidence every woman possesses. Her pieces are deeply connected to her culture and her country of origin. It will be awesome to see what passionate expression of creativity, Madame Adassa brings to the stage at this year’s show.


Allison Bailey

Ally B. Swim by Allison Bailey, is a swimwear line that individually constructs and hand makes every suit for order. They combine elements of upscale lingerie with vintage inspiration. Able to withstand any watersport any fashion-forward woman enjoys, we are ready for what Ally B. Swim has to offer for every shape and size.



Tracy Negoshian

Tracy Negoshian is a trendy multi-line, multi-season clothing label. During her time as a luxury sales and wardrobe consultant, Tracy realized you didn’t have to break the bank to look and feel good.  Geared towards the fashion-conscious, budget-friendly woman, we can’t wait to see her philosophy in action on the runway.



A select few students will be showcasing their skills on the runway again this year in  Sanford Brown-IADT School of Design’s Student Showcase. This is definitely a must-see as we’ve been impressed by the design talent we’ve seen over the years, and this year won’t be any different! This year we’ll see designs from: Smyrne Charles, Joshua Duck, Lakesha Johnson, and Rachel Ternival who will combine classroom instruction with creativity for the runway.

Elizabeth Carson Racker, Floridita by Charlotte Marin and Sanford Brown-IADT School of Design will be showing Friday, Sept. 23, 2016.

Ally B. Swim and Madame Adassa by Marsha Vacirca will be showing Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016.

You won’t want to miss it! Grab your tickets or RSVP for standing room here.

Until next time!






Let’s Talk International, Baby!

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Updates on August 18, 2016 at 10:03 am

logo-shareInternational Plaza and Bay Street is a staple in the Tampa Bay community. Conveniently located near Tampa International Airport, International Plaza and Bay Street in the go-to destination for specialty shopping, fantastic fashion, accessories, and more, and we’re thrilled to have them as our Trendsetter Sponsor again this year!

International Plaza and Bay Street knows the importance of keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and introducing new designers and brands to customers and the community. They were home to our trunk show/fashion presentations last year in Tampa Bay Fashion Week‘s pop-up shop, PURE Haus (pop-up retail experience),  which allowed local designers to sell and showcase their clothing while interacting with customers.

FullSizeRender (10)

It was an invaluable and unique experience for participating designers and everyone involved. (Thanks to all of you who came out!)

This year, International Plaza and Bay Street is our host venue again, but this time for two days of runway shows! Local designers will be on the runway showing their spring/summer 2017 collections, as well as some of International Plaza’s retailers. Select retailers will also debut their spring 2017 collections!

Along with all of the fashion everywhere at International Plaza, there are also many businesses in the surrounding area, and its restaurants cater to everyone from the working professional to professional socialite. It isn’t uncommon to catch the stylistically-inclined dining and catching up on the latest.

Going to International Plaza and Bay Street is always a fun experience! Grab a cone at Häagen-Daazs while you stroll around. Take your kids (or nieces, nephews, little brothers/sisters, etc.) to the play area for children. Eat at the food court or one of their dine-in restaurants. International Plaza has partnered with Tampa Bay Times so you can read the newspaper while you’re on the go. And last but not least…shop!

Whatever you do, just make sure to have fun! We can’t wait to see you there in September!







Stylish Socks: Always in Season

In Fashion, Trends, Updates on August 11, 2016 at 1:38 am

If you’re in sunny Florida like us, your freshly pedicured toes are still making an appearance in sandals, open-toe shoes, and flip flops right now. Just around the corner is the fall season though, and while you can keep your pedi on point, your feet will need some coverage. Enter: socks.

Socks have been a necessity in one’s closet since the beginning of mankind. Depending on which part of the world you live, socks were used to absorb sweat or to insulate the foot and decrease frostbites. They were a mostly hidden commodity, but…Not. Any. More.

Socks have been trending for a while now and we are loving the attention they’re getting! Why? Because anyone from the working professional to a young child can stylistically wear socks that are appropriate for the everyday hustle and bustle (or running around the playground).

Ankle and calf-length socks are great for formal settings.

Worn correctly, they can bring high fashion to the workplace.

Ankle and calf-length socks pair well with casual wear also, bringing an urban, eccentric feel to even the most mundane of outfits.


Image by FashionHe

Over-the-knee (which includes thigh-high) socks are some of our favorites because they are the most versatile. They keep you warm in the winter months and look darn good while doing so. They can be paired with almost every look.

Mini dresses or skirts and OTK’s? Lovely, classy and ready to go.


Image to Nancy Qian

Oversized sweaters and OTK’s? Comfortable, stylish and season-friendly.


Image by Dawn Cassizzi

Shorts and OTK’s. Pajamas and OTK’s. Athletic wear and OTK’s. We can go on and on, we love them and their versatility.

If you like the scrunchy sock look, you can get OTK’s and adjust them to your satisfaction.

Being fans of creativity and originality, we at Fashion Week Tampa Bay are digging this trend and want to know whether you do, too! Comment and let us know what you think.


Street Style Tampa Bay

In Events, Fashion, Trends on July 30, 2016 at 4:32 pm

As you know, we like fashion. We like clothes. And we like checking out what people are wearing!

Have you ever walked around and noticed how great someone’s outfit is? How nicely they are dressed? Or how they have a unique and confident sense of style? Sure you have, and you are not alone!

Right here on Tampa Bay’s streets, we see everyday people who inspire us daily.

Meet Avery, one. She is an aspiring fashion designer with hopes of get into the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Of course we encouraged her to attend our upcoming week of events in September and find like-minded people (like you!) to connect with. Side note: If any of you readers know anyone like Avery, who is into fashion but may be unaware of organizations like Fashion Week Tampa Bay, don’t be afraid to share that info!

Now back to Avery, here’s where she said she got her outfit from:


Jeans and glasses from Kohl’s, bralette from Aerie, shoe’s thrifted, cardigan was a hand-me-down from her aunt, and her Kanken backpack was bought from Amazon. Really eclectic mix. We hope to see her at this year’s fashion show!

Over at International Plaza, we saw many working professionals who stopped there for a quick lunch and a little shopping. We met a lovely woman named Piper, a CHANEL brand ambassador. Her chill, bohemian look was perfect for the humidity that day. Complete with her adorable yorkie, we had to snap a photo for you all.


Visiting from Atlanta, she stopped and chopped it up with us a bit. She couldn’t recall where her pieces she was wearing hailed from, but they were bought at local Atlanta boutiques.

Planning Fashion Week Tampa Bay has been keeping us busy, but we’re always excited to sneak in a couple moments every now and then to go into the city and interact with all of you.

If you see us out and about, equipped with our trusty Nikon D3200, please say hello!

Oh and check out our website for updates on our upcoming show!

Until next time, ciao!




Lovely Swimsuits for Every Occasion

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Trends on July 22, 2016 at 2:06 pm

Hello, fashion lovers!

The summer heat is upon us and we hope that you’re getting to spend some time at the pool, beach, or lake parties, or any event or activity involving water that will help keep you cool!

Which brings us to swimsuits! And we want to help you pick the best swimsuit for any and every occasion.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a bathing suit is selecting one that compliments our shape. Since we all come in different shapes and sizes, that makes finding swimwear a little difficult sometimes.

We’ve selected two suits that will look good on ALL of us.

High waist bikinis look good on most bodies, no matter the size or shape. For those of us who are sporting a pooch or want to hide our tummies, this suit is perfect.


Image by Rafia T

It also brings attention to women’s natural curves and has an added air of femininity not found in other styles.

Since high waist bikinis are two pieces, you can mix and match separates as much as you like, which gives way to personal expression.

Adina Vocui?

Image by AdinaVoicu

Then there’s the favorite one piece option. There are so many different types of one pieces, you can pick one based on your style and taste. Want to be a little sexy and show skin? Wear a monokini. Want to make sure your stomach is covered but look a little coy? Wear a suit that has one shoulder or that is ribbed.

Whether you are a modest individual or a person who likes daring, flirtatious styles, there is something that was made with you in mind.

Both high-waisted bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are designed to be equally modest and alluring so they can be comfortable worn at family events, water parks or huge summer bashes. The possibilities are truly endless and we hope you enjoy and explore them to the fullest before this summer is over.

Until next time ~ ciao!





Street Style in Tampa Bay

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In this week’s blog post we are taking it back to the streets! We saw and met some beautiful women this week effortlessly slaying in this Florida heat and we have just got to introduce them to you!

Jessica, a member of University of South Florida faculty, caught up with Fashion Week Tampa Bay just outside of the USF libraryJessica 1

Her skirt came courtesy of, online retailer, and her lovely nude colored flats are from DSW. She was are unsure where her top came from due to how long she has had it, but she thinks it may be courtesy of Kohl’s.


Looking lovely and regal in what she described as an “old outfit”, she proves those ‘old’ pieces of clothing in your closet can become your classic, go-to pieces.

Next meet USF student Liza. When we saw her camouflage jacket and gladiator sandals, we had to stop and chat it up! There is something so alluring when a look is so complete… so we asked her where she got it.


The shorts were a random buy but if anyone wants to buy a pair like them, there are tons of summer sales going on online, it just takes some searching. Liza’s shirt is from Forever 21 and the jacket was thrifted from the Anarchist Closet. Her sandals are from TJ Maxx and so is her adorable floral backpack.

It is always so much fun going out and interacting with the ladies of Tampa Bay. Be on the lookout because the next person who may end up on here may be you! 🙂

Much love and kisses from the Tampa Bay Fashion Week team, ciao!

Working Out In Style

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If you are health conscious like some of us, you (sometimes) love to work out!

Looking good makes you feel good. When you feel good while working out, you are more likely to be motivated to push yourself and accomplish fitness goals.

Woman pictured here seated on a bright green mat on the grass in

Image by Amanda Mills, USCDCP

Exercise is also known to boost your confidence and overall self-esteem. So why not give yourself an extra boost, by working out in style? Nothing beats wearing an outfit that looks better every time you sweat in it. If you aren’t sure how to do that, don’t worry, we have some tips for you below.

The first article of clothing you’ll need is a pair of leggings!


Image by The Onezie Crew

They are very comfortable and can be worn for almost every physical activity. The very first pair of leggings you buy should be black. Sweat stains will be nonexistent and black is everyone’s color.


Image by 1114467


Image by YamaBSM

DON’T wear makeup when working out. I know it seems like a given but some makeup products are marketed as sweat-proof, giving women a false sense of protection. Sweat mixed with makeup of any kind leads to clogged pores and acne.

So be the best you, the fresh-face you, when you are ready to go out and sweat!


Image by Yoga Education

Tops with built-in sports bras are perfect for creating the ultimate support. Make sure the shirt fits snug to your body to avoid any extra fabric slowing you down.

If you are a runner, cyclist, do yoga or like to lift weights the old fashioned way, yoga shorts are for you.


Image by skeeze

Built-in sports bras are fitted to your body and allow for maximum body movement. For cool nights or gyms that blast the air conditioning, get a windbreaker. Look for “wick away” pieces because they pull moisture away from the body so it can evaporate easier.

For our bold readers, may we recommend a throwback to the 80s: leotards and unitards!


Image by Gromovataya

We absolutely love them! You can mix and match them with yoga shorts, leggings, baggy sweats or just wear them as they are. With these, the possibilities are truly endless.

Putting your hair up in a high knot, messy bun, a pony tail, or a couple of corn rows will have you looking super girly and cute as you get your glow on.

Images by Maegan Tintari, Evula ShekinahShazaam, Ranveig

All aforementioned styles are super easy to achieve and give you a casual look that can be worn in and out the gym. For those of us who like to get up and go, visors are your best friend.

Once you have the basics, the world is your oyster. Buy some of the aforementioned pieces in different colors, mix and match and make sure to have fun (and share your pics with us on Facebook and Instagram)!

Until next time, ciao!

4th Of July Fashion

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Hello, Everyone!


Image by Jill111

From Tampa Bay Fashion Week to you ~ happy 4th of July!

We’ll be celebrating the Land of the Free with a day filled with fireworks, barbeques, picnics and patriotism. The traditional colors for 4th of July are red, white and blue but you can display national pride in whatever color you choose. So don’t be afraid to be bold!

Functionality and comfort are super important to our team as we’re running around and getting ready for the week, plus throwing in some 4th of July fun. We’re hear to encourage our readers to look sharp and dress smart.


Image by Brantley Davidson

Overalls are super U.S. American – wouldn’t you say? And these can be worn any way on Independence Day. A swimsuit or a crop top could be worn underneath. No matter the top, you will have a full outfit that can be worn day or night anywhere you like.


Image by Fashionby He

If you know there will be a lot of hustle and bustle going on in your day, throw on some shorts! Denim for those of us going for the all-American look, crochet or polyester patterned shorts for those of us who want to be different.


Image by Maman Neni’s Wardrobe

Pair them with a slightly oversized t-shirt or a button-down shirt to create a casual, modern look. This particular look is completed with classic converse sneakers.


Image by EJT1977

Stripes are slimming, look good in any color and are a staple of the USA. Whether a striped maxi skirt, dress or romper, stripes can take an outfit up a notch.


Image by Sara Yeomans

Due to the Florida heat, go for loose and light over stuffy and tight. Cotton and linen fabrics are best for hot weather.

In summation ~ keep stylin’, eat, drink, be merry, and have a fun 4th of July!


Image by Loladear



How To Keep (And Look) Cool In The Sun

In Fashion, Trends, Updates on June 20, 2016 at 8:02 am

If you’re in Florida right now, we’re going to guess that the sun has been beating you into a hot, sweaty pulp! And you probably find yourself searching aimlessly for that breeze when you step outside of your home!

Well, look no further. We can’t create wind, but Fashion Week Tampa Bay can help you stay breezy, work that frizz, and look as relaxed as the Florida palm trees.

First things first, remove all tight articles of clothing from your closet, drawers and mind for the foreseeable hot future.


Image by PDPics

Tank tops and shorts included! Though they seem like go-to articles of clothing, they will only make you hotter and sweat like a gruesome day in the gym.


Image by Janul, Creative Common License

Wear LOOSE clothing. The less fabric touching your skin, the cooler you will feel. If you can help it, wear cotton.


Image by Unsplash

Take full advantage of crop tops, bralettes and sport bras. If showing skin is not your thing, wear high waist shorts or a loose skirt.


Image by Lucy Burrows


Image by bohemianbikini

Skirts and maxi dresses give your skin breathing room. Pairing crop tops or bralettes with skirts or donning a maxi dress can give you a simple, very modern look.

14045759074_f07fc91111_bImage by Jamie

Rompers or short overalls can also help keep you cool. The trick is making sure the fabrics are lightweight like cotton or linen. Denim can absorb heat but a nice pair of overalls paired with a bralette or crop top will have you looking chic and Tampa Bay Fashion Week approved.

All women know what the sun can do to our tresses but in the name of Beyonce, we are going to take lemons and make lemonade. Wear hats, scarves or bandanas and style that frizz! Everyday looks can be made with baseball caps, just throw it on.

Images by Urszulam25 (Scarf 2, Scarf 3)

Creatively use scarves or bandanas to hold your hair off your neck. Use them as elastics to put your hair in a ponytail. Put your hair in a bun and wrap a scarf or bandana around your head or the bun. The hair accessories will give your outfit a little flair and let you show off your personality.

These tips will help you stay airy, breezy and easy. Try them and let us know if they worked for you.


~FWTB Stylista Jessica

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