An Interview With Melissa Dolce ~ #FashionIsAStory

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Melissa Dolce

Melissa Dolce of Dolce Couture will make her debut on the Tampa Bay Fashion Week runway this fall, and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the stage! With a lifelong involvement in all forms of art and design, Melissa has a passion for creativity and is constantly searching for new and challenging endeavors to feed that passion. Known for her avant-garde sensibility and bold yet classy, confident designs, you’ll love getting to know more about Melissa and her story!

Gorgeous Melissa wearing her first designed dress ~ blue sequins for her prom!

What inspires you daily?
I’m inspired by everyday things of serendipity! I had a huge bird sitting outside my office window one day, that I couldn’t stop watching. So I decided to do a collection with feathers. Looking through my closet of “old stuff,” my 24 year old prom dress (my first design that I did and my grandma sewed for me) inspired me to do blue sequin garments! Thank goodness sequins have come a long way since then!

How did you pursue your career field?
I grew up a very artistic and creative kid. Typically exploring my creativity in ways that got me in big trouble by mom ~ drawing on everything in sight, cutting up my sisters clothes to look better… After several different types of design classes in college I fell in love with advertising and graphic design. I graduated from Indiana and moved all over the country (and out) working at several amazing companies as their Graphic Designer/Art Director.

How do you or your organization help the Tampa Bay community?
I volunteer in many different Tampa Bay organizations. Whether it’s working with children fighting cancer or handing out food to the homeless, it is so humbling and rewarding to help those in need. I also do pro bono graphic design work for charities whenever I can!

How do you encourage creative thinking?
I participate in several different area events showing my avant garde fashions. When people see the unique and creative designs they get inspired to think outside the box. There is no right or wrong when it comes to being creative, you just have to start!

If you won a “Best Of” award, in what category would you win? (real or made-up category)
Best dumb jokes.

A well-dressed person always has?

Describe your signature style in one sentence.
Bright, unique and a little edgy!

What piece of clothing do you wear every day or what item in your closet can you not live without?
Yoga pants! Besides wearing them to the gym daily, I need to be comfortable when I work on my fashion!

Original design creation by Melissa Dolce of Dolce Couture

Do you have a favorite designer or What celebrity is your style icon?
I don’t really have a favorite. I love to see all the unique styles that the celebrities wear to the Met Gala.

What’s your favorite fashion trend?
I don’t like following trends. I’m a fashion brat and do whatever I want 🙂

Speed Round
Less or More? Less
Favorite Color? Royal Blue
Favorite Store? Amazon (I oddly don’t like to go shopping)
Best spot to relax in Tampa? My backyard
Skinny Jeans or Bell Bottoms? Skinny Jeans
Heels or flats? Heels
Tie-dye, hot or not? Not
Dress, Skirt or Pants? Dress
Handbag, big tote, crossbody or tiny clutch? Clutch

Follow Melissa on Instagram: @dolcecouturefashions and Facebook.

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