Their Mark on Fashion Lives Forever

In Fashion, Trends on August 30, 2017 at 4:43 pm

Most people want to make a difference in the world around them but very few can do it through fashion. Unless a remarkable statement is made, just defying societal norms is not going to cut it.

These individuals below not only caused chatter around the world, they changed the way we view society.

When Michelle Obama released her first photo as First Lady, her bare arms caused an uproar.


Photo Cred: ABC news

Showing off her amazingly toned arms in a sleeveless, black dress, people criticized her for wearing what many deemed inappropriate for the wife of the president. Their criticisms stemmed from an unwritten, arbitrary rule that sleeveless dresses, tennis shoes and open-toes shoes are banned in the House of Representatives.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop Mrs. Obama from donning many sleeveless numbers during her husband’s tenure as President and many have spoken out about the unwritten (and possibly outdated) dress code as it pertains to women, asking for change.


The late, great Kurt Cobain is the poster boy for grunge fashion.


Photo Cred: Jesse Frohman 

A strong advocate for LGBTQ rights and racial equality, his anti-establishment standpoint was as present in the clothes he wore, as it was in his music. Cobain layered oversized tees, ripped clothing and flannels in an effort to be unlike greater society as much as possible. He ended up being one of the greatest influencers of street fashion today.


Androgyny has always been prevalent in fashion. As society explores gender norms and fluidity, the characteristic line that differentiates men and women become blurred. However, as evidenced by the late David Bowie, pushing those boundaries allows us to explore who we are.

Through his characters Ziggy Stardust and Alladin Sane, Bowie donned colorful, stylistic makeup, tight leotards and exuded sexuality. When he wasn’t wearing stylistic makeup and tight leotards, Bowie wore pastel suits with flared legs. Knowing how seductive Bowie’s style was to both men and women, it’s no wonder Romphims (male rompers), dresses and other traditional women’s clothing are entering men’s wardrobes.

Lastly we have the iconic Kennedys. A vision of New England elegance, the confident and cool couple’s fashion sense has withstood the test of time.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy is in the yellow skirt with Jack Kennedy to her left. Photo Cred: Getty

Ms. Jackie O. transformed stuffy, conservative garbs into soft, feminine ensembles. Her oversized sunglasses, long pea coats and scarves are highly prized staple pieces in our closets. Mr. Kennedy’s bomber jackets, fitted suits and casual style is emulated in men’s fashion all over the world. Thanks to them, it’s safe to say New England wear will live on forever as a part of American fashion.

We couldn’t mention everyone who has changed the world (while in fashion) so we want to know from you, who else is deserving to be on this list?


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