Designer Chat 2015: Priscilla Kidder

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priscillakidderPriscilla Kidder hopes to make women feel more comfortable in swimwear. She is bringing her custom swimwear to this year’s Fashion Week Tampa Bay.

Here are some interesting facts from Priscilla!

Why did you pursue a career in fashion? I never pursued a career in high fashion, yet, as a lifelong seamstress, this is where I have found myself!  I have never been satisfied with off the rack garments. In pursuit of quality fabrics, combined with designs that flatter my own body, I began designing swimwear. I resist purchasing any clothing made in a factory if possible, and am usually wearing clothing that I have made, including undergarments! I did as a child, draw and design pictures of clothes for my paper dolls, and I always made clothes for my Barbies, but I suspect most little girls do this.

-What is the inspiration for your upcoming collection? My upcoming collection will be classic, body flattering basics combined with a few retro prints. Think Beach Party Bingo!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and from who? The best piece of advice was from Joey Goodrich, a designer and mentor for me. She told me once, “You know more than you think you know.” which gave me the courage to free cut designs when inspired to do so.

One item you will never leave home without? An item I almost always have is my small round tip Famore scissors which are clipped to my waistband. I constantly use them while sewing and they are the perfect size.

Favorite place to travel/vacation? My favorite place to travel is to a small island in Maine. I have been visiting there since I married my husband 29 years ago!  My second favorite place is diving in the Florida Keys!

Do you have a secret talent? My secret talent is the ability to do strict pull ups, lots of them!

To learn more about Be-Bops Custom Swimwear, visit: or visit Be-Bops on Facebook and Instagram.

~FWTB Stylista Rechael

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