Designer Chat: Kato Kaelin

In Designers, Events, Fashion on September 11, 2014 at 12:37 am

Kato Kaelin picEmbracing the “Slacker” persona the media gave him, Kato Kaelin has created a line of loungewear that is comfortable, stylish, and affordable, recognizing that everyone with a couch is a couch potato sometimes! And you’ll get to see his new couch-friendly collection on the Tampa Bay Fashion Week runway!

Here’s some fun facts about Kato!

My nickname is: K- Train

One word that describes your Spring/Summer 2015 collection: Supercalfragelisticexpialidocious

Not many people know it but I’m really good at: Slacking

Style muse: Tom Ford meets Homer Simpson

Favorite trend of the moment: Buying all things Kato Potato. Yea, haven’t you heard? It’s trending #1 in the world. C’mon people, get with it. Kato Potatoes Unite!

Coffee or Tea? Coffee McDoffee

Sweet or Salty? Salty McGaulty

Text or Tweet? Text

Check out Kato’s profile here.


ge slacker k-2

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