Get to Know Dolly Donshey – 2013 TBFW Featured Designer

In Designers, Events, Fashion, Updates on September 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Dolly Donshey of Monstruosité had dreams of fashion designing and finally got to chase that dream when she studied under Jan Wutkowski, a master milliner. She was able to display the skills she learned under Wutkowski when she released her first collection, “Lola.” Dolly’s second collection, “Cycles,” was featured in last year’s Tampa Fay Fashion Week. Known for her remarkable creativity and theatric runway shows, Dolly has been featured in magazines such as Style-Ology, as well as notable Tampa Bay radio and news shows. Dolly has also designed her own luxury t-shirt line, corsetry line and RTW clothing line.

  1. What does Fashion mean to you? Ever since I was little, I have always had this burning desire that I was meant to do something creative and to be something great. I’ve always had the motto, “Try everything and see what sticks.” I’ve done everything from dancing and singing, theater, photography, film and even roller derby (which lasted about a second). My list of past experiences is a long one but the fashion business is the only thing that has ever truly made sense to me. This isn’t just a business for me and my team, it’s a way of life. We spend every minute of every day working toward this crazy dream of mine because it is undoubtedly worth it in the end. I have never wanted anything so badly. Fashion isn’t just clothes for me; it is the perfect outlet for all of my thoughts, feelings, desires and twisted dreams.
  2. What do you hope to bring to Tampa Bay’s fashion scene? Professionalism. I have seen a sad trend of “hobby” designers and it really gives the rest of the serious designers in this area a bad name. There is so much more that goes into a brand than making a collection twice a year and people need to know that. I love this town and no matter where I end up, I want people to respect this area and hold it to a higher regard. We will never be the fashion capital of the world but that doesn’t mean we aren’t just as fabulous!
  3. What matters to you the most as a designer? The brand, the story, being consistent and above all else, our clients. We work our a**** off all year to bring you two entertaining and unique 15-minute shows in September and February. We want you all to love what we do just as much as we do!
  4. What makes your line unique? Anyone can design clothes, but not everyone can tell a story with their clothing. What makes Monstruosité special is the attention to detail we have with not only the designs, but with the entire concept, fabric, music, etc. Our special clients and customers aren’t just buying a piece of clothing; they are buying an idea and an emotion. They radiate confidence and sexiness and we just LOVE that!
  5. You are one of our returning designers. What are you looking forward to most about this year’s show and what do you love most about your new collection? This is our third year with Tampa Bay Fashion Week. We are so thankful to the TBFW team for taking a chance on my brand three years ago, and giving us the opportunity to learn and grow. Anyone who has followed my brand knows just how much of an evolution this endeavor has been. Starting as a hat label, and now full clothing, has been the best ride and we just love that we were able to take this ride with TBFW. Starting in this business so young (19) I am most looking forward to the fact that I have grown up and I can finally approach a show like this in a calm and collected manner. I have finally figured out what works and I am looking forward to the relaxing atmosphere that backstage will bring this year. We haven’t lost the dramatic elements to our show that fashion fans have come to know and love, but we have channeled it into other areas, allowing for the clothes to do all the talking this year. This year’s Spring/Summer collection is called, “The Struggle” and although the concept is gruesome and disturbing (like always ;]), I have translated the inspiration into a very refined, wearable and fun line for women.


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