Finding the Perfect Pair of Shorts

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on July 2, 2013 at 6:05 am

Let’s break out the shorts! While it would be amazing to just run to the mall and buy the first adorable pair of beach-ready shorts you see, it’s not always that easy. Shorts aren’t a “one style fits all” sort of thing. Different body types require different cuts, fabrics and patterns. So we’ve put together a quick shopping guide to help you hunt for that perfect pair of summer shorts!

Boyish Figure:


Lacking curves doesn’t mean you have to lack in style! Creating the appearance of curves can be easily accomplished with soft, flowy fabrics. These fabrics allow for looser cuts which drape your figure in all the right ways. Look for bold patterns and prints as well, which will add femininity and dimension to a straighter figure.

Petite Figure:

  Siwy Denim Maud High Waist Cut Off Shorty Shorts

It is essential for petite women to find the right fit. After all, the wrong fit can often overpower these smaller frames! High-waited shorts are the perfect way to instantly create proportion and balance. Be sure to look for shorter inseams as well, which create the appearance of longer legs.

Curvy Figure:


Summer is the perfect opportunity to show off those sexy curves in a great pair of shorts! Straight-line shorts that hit at mid-thigh complement your curves perfectly, without adding any unnecessary bulk. Keep an eye out for vertical stripes to balance your curves, and wide waistbands for the perfect amount of support.

Long and Lean Figure:

  MB 5.5" Inseam Denim...

For those women who want to show off their long legs, shorts are the perfect way to do it! Bermuda shorts that are fitted to the knee highlight this frame’s length and shapeliness. Hunt for shorts with longer inseams, which look the most flattering on long-legged figures!


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