Re-Invent the “Earth Tone”

In Fashion, Trends on May 18, 2012 at 7:50 am

The fact that the fashion industry defines the “Earth Tone” color scheme as flat, muted versions of brown, tan, orange and green is not something that I particularly agree with.  The Earth is a magnificent, beautiful place filled with bright, vibrant colors to be described as anything but flat.

Think of the breathtaking aqua waters of Tahiti or Mexico.  A bright, floaty dress in this color would be nothing less than summer perfection.  Aqua is such an amazing color that seems to brighten the skin of just about any tone.   I dare say it is timeless.


Penny Ruffle Dress from

What about a bright pink which can be found blooming on the flowers of any tropical oasis?  A stunning pump in this color would be the perfect accent to breath life into a nude colored dress, or simply mix it in with an already bright ensemble for a more eye-catching effect.

Tropical Flowers

Pink Crystal Pumps

There are so many other choices:  Lime, coral, fiery red.  All of these colors that we so adore are derived from nature.  This summer, why not re-invent the “Earth Tone” pallet and strut yourself to a bright, playful season.

  1. Oh wow, that first picture…. & youve made a very good point, the colours of the earth are vast and different from just brown, green tan.

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