Fashion Week Gets Creative

In Updates on September 20, 2011 at 10:17 am

One of the most enjoyable aspects of fashion, in my opinion, is styling. More specifically, the makeover. Who can resist a new wardrobe, new shoes, or a hot new hair style? Talk about a pick-me-up! Courtesy of Hands Down Creative of St. Petersburg, the Tampa Bay Fashion Week website got just that.

Our brand new, sleek website design is just one of the services Hands Down Creative has to offer. Owners David Barona and Olivia Scott use their background as artists and extensive knowledge of art and design to provide a variety of other creative services from graphic design, photography and fine art to event planning.

St. Petersburg’s creative collective, Hands Down Creative utilizes innovation and originality to convey successful branding and marketing to their clients. Visit their website and check out Hands Down Creative’s gallery and portfolio of successful projects.

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