Introducing: What to Wear, Where

In Fashion, Trends on May 25, 2011 at 9:31 pm

Outfit dilemmas beware… your days are outnumbered! Thanks to our very first “What to Wear, Where” blog post, you’ll know what is suitable, stylish and season trendy to wear from casual fun days in the sun to fancier social gatherings that call for more jazz.

Being that Mother’s Day was two weeks ago, and my lovely boyfriend’s mom’s birthday was just last week, we spent the weekend at his mama’s house. As I tried to squeeze in time to pack a weekend getaway bag, I couldn’t help but to notice the reasoning behind the choices of my weekend outfits. Let me note, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years so I’ve met his family many times before. And thankfully, not trying to brag, they have loved me since the day they met me with my happy smile, warm heart and homemade cookies (always good to bring something sweet when meeting the parents). So packing my weekend bag wasn’t stressful at all, but there are certainly some style guidelines that I was following. The first “What to Wear, Where” is what to wear when meeting the parents and/or spending time with his folks, like in my case.

There are a few things to know before you even start looking through your closet. First, find out what their style is. My boyfriend’s parents live in a welcoming small town north of Tampa. I’m sure it’s them, not the town, but I always feel like I’m at home when we visit. Their style is very casual and down to earth – My attire is quite the opposite… I would say it’s more downtown than down to earth casual. You want them to meet the real you… so yeah, dress like “you” in your style but try incorporating a parent-approved look that’s impressive, fitting to what you’ll be doing with his folks and somewhat similar to their personal style.

So what to wear… hmm… the look that I suggest for meeting and/or spending time with his folks is a breezy-chic, feminine outfit – cute attire that is put together, yet effortless and casual. Try to incorporate at least one feminine element in your outfit, whether that’s a girly floral print or a blouse with a delicate necklace. Below I have two outfits from Ann Taylor LOFT that are a great example of an effortless-chic, feminine look that’s perfect for spring and spending time with his parents!

Hope this helps when choosing what to wear with your love’s parents. Good luck with his folks!

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