Summer Cleaning

In Designers, Fashion on August 6, 2010 at 9:42 am

I bet one of the reasons why cleaning is so big in the spring time is because of all of the rainy days. Well, some summer days make Florida not so sunny… it’s more like stormy Florida! Lately it has been raining cats and dogs so I spent a day cleaning my closet. I have so many pieces of clothing that I never wear! They’ve had their glory days in high school but now that the years have gone by and the trends have changed, they have faded into the distance. By the looks of my girlfriends’ closets, I’m certainly not the only one who keeps old clothes. So if we never wear these old clothes, why keep them concealed in our closets?

My apartment is always clean especially my sleeping beauty quarters (the bedroom). It’s clutter free, neat and organized – just the way I like it! Even though the only ones who look through my closet are me and my roommates borrowing something, I still prefer an organized closet that doesn’t include unnecessary things. More the reason why there shouldn’t be old clothes kept in my closet. After much thought of why we keep them concealed in our closets, I’ve realized some of my reasons. Some pieces are for memories sake like a cute dress that enjoyed an unforgettable night out on the town. Other pieces were just too expensive that would cause major guilt to not keep them. I hate to admit it but… a few items I have never worn because of not having the right occasion or the classic case of shopaholic.

However, most of my old clothes aren’t just collecting dust – they’re waiting for a much-needed sewing reinvention. Like this navy blue shirt with the one shoulder above. A friend bought it for me in high school – I loved it but it was too big. Thanks to my sewing machine, I made the shirt smaller in five minutes and now it feels like a completely new shirt that’s perfect for summer! As we know, it’s “All About the Shoulder” right now and I love showing mine off! It was so perfect for my weekend getaway to Cocoa Beach! All I needed was this white bathing suit by J. Cagua for a day of rays and waves.

So why do you keep old clothes, bags, or whatever concealed in your closet? Are you holding on to the past or waiting for its time in the future?

  1. Bring them into Mosh Posh!

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