Windows to the Soul: Couture Style!

In Trends on July 22, 2010 at 12:06 pm

If those fabulous baby blues (or browns) truly are the windows to the soul, why would you ever neglect them when making fashion choices?  I was recently reminded of the importance of eye fashion when I noticed a beautiful co-worker sporting bold and unique colors each and every day.  From deep amethyst to seafoam green, this young woman knows exactly how to transform her “windows” into a couture boutique entrance.

Many women tend to think a bit too conservatively with regard to eye make-up, fearing that bright colors may give the essence of a clown.  Au contrair!  Nothing is sexier than a bright plum or shocking aqua to draw attention to those peepers.

While some runway looks may be a bit over-the-top, they can be used for inspiration. You may not wish to look as cartoon-like as this Dior model, but that does not mean you should shy away from bright pink shadow.  Why not try some false lashes to enhance things a little?  The key is determining the difference between bold and ridiculous and dancing right on the edge.

For this peacock inspired look, the timid may use a more subtle false lash.  If you dare, go ahead and rock the spotted one!  Just keep the colorful shadow to the eye area only, and you will have a look of perfection appropriate for everyday use.

This look is absolutely perfect.  Resembling an exotic princess, the model wears metallic jewel tones on her eyes.  The look is vibrant and stunning, yet realistic.  With glowing skin and sparkling pink lips, a beauty choice such as this will surely bring out the princess within.

Whether your style is ultra feminine or a bit more edgy, make sure you don’t allow those big sparkling eyes to leave the house undressed.

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