Material Girl

In Designers, Fashion, Trends on July 14, 2010 at 5:47 am

I remember as a little girl, cutting the finger tips off of my gloves, taking my mothers mini cross-body handbag and tying a knot at the end because it was way too long for me. Also, I recall dressing in layers and looking as if I threw everything in my closet on -this was during the 80’s. However, as history repeats itself, so does fashion history.  The 80’s style is back and being transmitted through a true 80’s stylista herself, Madonna.

Her new fashion line, Material Girl portrays some of the singers most memorable looks such as lace tops, tulle skirts, like a virgin-bustier tops that trickle back from the “Express Yourself” video.  Looking for a “Papa Don’t Preach” look? There’s a leather jacket, denim jeans and striped top.  However, the collection is not just a trip down memory lane for Madonna’s greatest fashion hits, it’s actually a reflection of a modern-day ‘Material Girl’, Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter which is working closely together with her mother on the development of the junior line.

The line will be sold in 200 Macy’s throughout the United States. Material Girl will launch August 3rd and then will reveal the face for the collection in which Madonna hand-picked herself to resemble a true modern-day ‘Material Girl’. Although they are keeping lips sealed on who the celebrity teen face for the collection will be, you can visit to get a preview of the collection. The photos only reveal from the neck down but it’s clear that the ‘Material Girl’ has blonde hair…umm maybe Taylor Swift or Ashley Tisdale?

The Material Girl collection includes apparel such as, denim motorcycle jackets, tulle miniskirts, boyfriend blazers, lots of lace and crop tops. Footwear, handbags, hair accessories and jewelry. Oh, and there is a bodysuit within the collection-now that’s an opinion-maker.

“A material girl is a girl that is interested in fashion and interested in music and interested in fun. She has a sense of humor and is an adventurous human being.” Madonna, WWD.

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