Light Up Your Night

In Fashion, Trends on June 30, 2010 at 3:48 am

Imagine walking into a room and immediately all eyes are on you. Not because you are wearing incredible stilettos, but because you light up the room, literally. Thanks to Electro Luminescence Technology your clothes can do just that. You can light up your night for the world to see!

This wearable technology is called Flashwear. You will get the ultimate disco experience with the electro luminescence graphic equaliser built into the chest of a variety of graphic t-shirt styles such as an American flag, big red lips, and even a heart, just to name a few.  However, you may ask yourself, how does this shirt light up? The ultra-light panel and spectrum sensor controller detects the rhythm frequency and beat of the music that is playing in the room you are in. The controller is also cleverly concealed within the chest panel and includes a light-weight power-pack that’s durable.

This sound-activated shirt will dance itself to the beat of your favorite song…hmm…will there be a dance off between you and your t-shirt?

Like most delicate and unique garments, the Flashwear t-shirt must be handwashed. The shirt also runs on 4 AAA batteries placed in a battery pack that can be unplugged and removed for easy washing.

Although this t-shirt may seem a bit on the novelty side, technology has made a huge break-through in the fashion industry. There is technology to repel stains, sneakers that calculate how many calories you are burning, and a t-shirt that ‘hears’ the beat of the music. I wonder what’s next?!

  1. That’s awesome!

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